What I know about attracting money and riches:

The way to attract massive amounts of money, say one thousand dollars per day is to be completely clear that this is what you want. Then you are to eliminate any opposing thought to this desire for one thousand dollars per day. This is also a great way to have money come to you suddenly that will help completely take care of any debt that is due immediately. 

Also, it is very important that any superstitious thoughts that arise while you’re doing this are immediately dismissed completely. Superstition can be a thought that uses a declaration you made in a previous state of awareness, for example; “I will always be in this situation and it is unchangeable.” 

First you must realize that everything is changeable. Change is the only constant in the universe and the only thing that is absolute and predictable. In fact, the only thing that is unchangeable is change itself, for if it were to change, then it would contradict itself and cease all other changes..there would be no experience of life at all.

So how does money come? Firstly, by not making a big deal of the current situation. By not attaching any pain, anxiety, or turmoil to the way things are. By understanding that things are how they are as a result of previous thoughts and the feelings caused, and subsequent actions inspired by those thoughts. You cannot see yourself as a failure for one second. You MUST know that there is no such thing because you, like everyone else, succeeded in creating your reality from your own thoughts. 

Easier said than done? Yes. Easier for me to say it than do it? Absolutely! Did I still do it? You bet. It actually becomes much easier when you understand that this is the formula out of it, rather than some denial of the situation.

And, because you and I and everyone have the ability to choose our thoughts, then we can think thoughts that take us to where we want to be (a place that by the way, already exists). We then realize that being in that place is what will create our next reality as your other thoughts created the reality from which you are seeking to be freed. 

Therefore, you now think and feel the place you really want.. with thousands of dollars coming to you from all sources. You now KNOW that this is so, simply because you thought it. Life will then deliver this money to you.. through your certainty that you are receiving it – Now. 

It is what I call “the new how.” It is this how that everyone wants to have control of. It looks different than the how’s you’re used to. What you may not have known until now is that the hows you are used to, what you now know as how, isn’t! 

No matter ‘how’ you think things happen, the how has always been the same; your vision of what you want as real in this moment, and knowing that this itself means you already have it, nothing more. 

The new how suggests you simply visualize and enjoy in mind the things and experiences you desire, then simply expect them to show up in your reality in the most excellent way possible. A way you may not know was even a possibility. 

Know this though; the way in which things show up, is just that, “the way,” and not to be confused with the how. The way was just the vehicle. The how was always your vision of what you wanted and your expectation of it showing up for you. 

If the way ever looks familiar then you’ve been trained to call that way and see it as the how, but it never really was that. Again, the how was your vision of what you wanted, whether that was a cup of coffee, getting in your car to go to work, picking up a coin from the ground, or your new NASA test pilot career.

So, from now on you can choose to regard to seeing what you are used to calling the how as just one way of many possible to deliver your desires, whatever they may be. The only how that is real is always your vision of what you desire and the expectation of it showing up in your reality. 

If you insist on them arriving in a certain way, then you could be slowing the universal flow of your desires into your life, because more pieces may need to be moved around in order for your delivery method to fit your expectations. 

If you detach from the way (which you currently may think of as the ‘how’), then the way will change if necessary to arrive in the most effective and efficient manner available. 

So there you have it. You actually DO Know HOW things come to pass. Everything else was always just the vehicle of delivery.. Just remember the way of the New How!


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