Thought + True Intention = Realization..

Want something? Anything? Then you must think it and then you must truly intend it. It is that simple. What tends to be not so simple is believing that it IS that simple. And therein lies the irony, it is simple, but not easy. It does get easier though with true intention to make it so. To make anything so. The way you want it to be.

So we know that thought is necessary to create anything in life. A cup of coffee, to light up a cigarette, brush your hair, make a million dollars or more, or less, buy a house, or whatever. 

That is called “thinking positive.” Thinking positive simply means thinking about what you want and wanting what you think about. But one more super ingredient is necessary. True intention.

True intention is what I am going to call this vital ingredient that is different from what most know as “intention,” but only to differentiate the meaning. Seems that intention as many define it is what world renowned author, coach and business mentor Brian Tracy refers to as “some-day-isle.” This term refers to what most people often relate their intention to; “some day I’ll…________.” 

True intention takes the someday-isle out of the equation and replaces it with “I am NOW in the process of creating, building, making ____________(that which I am positively thinking about).

Master this and magic happens. Quite the trip :).

So long as it is joyful, the quest money is never a greedy endeavor…

It is only “greed” if you go after the money for its own sake.

What it just comes down to is; you just can’t want more money and focus on “not enough.”
-Esther Hicks on the Secret


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