Earl Nightingale’s Elite Life Secret


  1. BECOME: I will become what I think about
  2. IMAGINATION: Remember the word ‘imagination’ and let my mind begin to soar with infinite solutions to all challenges
  3. COURAGE: Have the courage to concentrate on my goal every day even when my mind is being pulled in other directions
  4. SAVE: Save 10% of everything I earn
  5. ACTION: Ideas are WORTHLESS unless I act on them

30 DAY TEST – 

  1. Write on a card what it is I want, more than anything else – Make sure it’s a SINGLE specific goal — one that I can look at several times a day — think about it in a positive light that expects it to be realized and is being realized with my focused action — gives me something to work for, something to live for and something to get out of bed FOR!
  2. NEW HABIT: STOP THINKING ABOUT WHATEVER IT IS I FEAR AND REPLACE it with my mental picture and scenario of my new goal, REALIZED! — ALL I have to do is KNOW WHERE I AM GOING, not how I will get there — The ANSWERS will come to me of their own accord and at the RIGHT TIME!
  3. REMEMBER these words and write them on the other side of my card: ASK and it shall be GIVEN me – SEEK and I shall FIND – KNOCK and it shall be OPENED on to me, for EVERYONE that ASKETH RECEIVETH, and he that SEEKETH FINDETH, and to him that KNOCKETH it shall be OPENED!

It’s as marvelous and simple as that — so simple that it is tough for our complication-trained minds to grasp it. However, IT WORKS!

All I need is a PURPOSE + FAITH, a.k.a.; PERSISTENCE.

No matter what the job/goal, do it as I never have before for 30 days, and soon I’ll marvel at the new life I’ve found.

ACT as though it were IMPOSSIBLE TO FAIL. 

→ If at any point I fail the test (get too bogged down by negativity), start over from there — another 30 days!

→ Above All, Do NOT WORRY! Worry brings fear and fear is crippling. The only thing that may cause me to worry during my test is trying to do it ALL MYSELF — KNOW that ALL I HAVE TO DO is HOLD MY GOAL BEFORE ME, EVERYTHING ELSE WILL TAKE CARE OF ITSELF.

→ KEEP CALM AND CHEERFUL — Don’t let petty things bother me and take me off course.

Why should I bother? Well Look at THE ALTERNATIVE. 

→ SUCCESS is NOT the result of MAKING MONEY. Making MONEY IS THE RESULT OF SUCCESS, and SUCCESS Is in Direct Proportion to MY SERVICE.


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