The 30%, 30%, 30%, 10% Wealth Formula…

If you stick to this proven wealth building formula, you will always have plenty of money and the time to enjoy it. Guaranteed!

A formula for creating wealth you say?? Yup, there is a really cool and effective formula for wealth building. And what is so very cool about this formula is that it doesn’t only help you build financial abundance, but it will help you create wealth in all areas of your life, whether financial, personal, as well as for the world in general.

You are about to discover the amazing 30%, 10%, 30%, 30% wealth formula. This formula has been used by the most wealthy throughout time to build lasting wealth for themselves, their families and help to give back to humanity in the form of financial charitable donations.

The formula is quite simple to follow when you commit to it and make it a habitual part of your day to day life. Like anything else worth doing though, it takes just that, commitment. Once you do commit to it though, the financial rewards are endless and long lasting.

As you may have already read on the “A part of everything you earn is yours to keep” article…well, a part of everything you earn IS yours to keep 🙂 But how do you define what part and how it should be kept? The answer is the 30%-30%-30%010% Wealth Formula!

Here’s how it works:

First (and you’ve heard this before) you MUST pay yourself first!

How? You set up a savings account that you will use only for Savings & Investments in which you will always deposit no less than 30% of your income. Any and all Income! 

Paying yourself first means just that, your first bill each month or week, whatever, is from you – to you! You may want to make this an actual bill to yourself from yourself. Many people actually send themselves a bill to be paid before all other bills. You can have a lot of fun if you decided to send yourself an actual bill. 

You could send it by regular mail, email, or even try to add yourself as one of your “bill-pay” recipients on your bank account if your bank offers this feature.

The point is that you deposit no less than 30% of your income into your savings & investments account. You then can use the funds to further pay yourself by taking calculated risks and investing in income producing assets such as real estate, well researched business opportunities, stocks, high earning accounts and so on.

Second, give 10% of your income away to the world!

That’s right, you GET to give away at least 10% of all you earn to humanity! Now, this step can be extremely rewarding. You will get to pick a favorite cause, foundation, need and just help! You can have so much fun with this step. I mean, everything and everyone can be a part of this 10%!

You can give a monthly sum to a favorite charity, or pay for a stranger’s coffee at the cafe, or buy a random homeless person a meal or give them a handout, or your kid’s friend may need a few bucks to buy that toy they’ve been saving for, or you could sponsor a child through world vision, or help someone become self sufficient and start a business of their own! The charitable possibilities are truly endless!

Then, use the next 30% of your income for living expenses.

Try to arrange your living expenses (rent, Timmy’s braces, mortgage, clothing, food, transportation, etc.) so that it is all covered by no more than the next 30% of your income. This step can be the most challenging of all, but you can start by making it a high priority goal.

If unable to immediately cut your living expenses to 30% of your income, you may want to do what many people have done to meet this part of the formula. You could start this part of the formula by setting a definite date to shoot for by when your living expenses will be no more than 30% of your income. You could start by making a list of all your living expenses and brainstorming ways to either bring in more income, or cutting down some of these expenses.

This does not to be a daunting task at all. In fact, you could make a family idea party of it and even create a weekly or monthly family, or individual wealth formula ideas party.

Do you see now how this formula is showing you a way for you to be in control of your financial life rather than the other way around? 

Do you see how this type of order if you would, allows others that always seem to have a handle on their finances, and would allow you to be in charge of your financial reality? 

Are you beginning to realize that ‘wealth consciousness’ when referring to money is simply the creation and the following of a systematic method to handle the money that comes under YOUR control?

Lastly, YOU again!

But this time you get to take the remaining 30% of your income and just “blow it all”!! Yes, you did read that right. Take the rest of your income and do whatever you want with it.. But, it must be fun or no deal! 

Go out and do that impulse buy (wait, can you plan an impulse buy? hmmm..), or go on that vacation, buy your spouse that sexy outfit, get the nice bed set you’ve wanted for a while, buy drinks for everyone at the bar.

I don’t know, do whatever you want with it that will cause you to have nothing less than a blast and then do it AGAIN! Just remember to spend no more than 30% on this part and you’ll be just fine!

There you have it, the 30%, 10%, 30%, 30% wealth formula that has helped millions of wealthy people become wealthy and enjoy the process. Now go and apply it and Have Fun!


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