The Human Projector

The fastest way to change anything is by consciously moving forward with visualization, feeling and CERTAINTY in whatever it is you desire, the way you want it to be..  This makes you into The Human Projector! 

When you visualize though, you must visualize a vivid picture of the scenario you desire, and a scenario it must be! Most people usually visualize vivid pictures for most things they want, but when it comes to their highest desires, they keep it in the realm of concept..

“More money,” “a better job,” “a  nicer car,” “a bigger house,” etc. These are all concepts, not scenarios. You must visualize your highest desires the same you might visualize yourself going to the grocery store and buying groceries, or any other activity around which you have no resistance, fear, or doubt. 

For the sake of this example, let’s keep using the grocery store scenario. If you really think about it, you’ll find that even though you might say “I’m going to the grocery store,” (concept), the moment you decide to actually act and go to the grocery store, you visualize yourself there… even if it was just a quick mental visual flash. 

Your highest desires are no different. Only that, because you may not be used to believing you can reach those desires, you may have to put a little more effort into your visualization and relate to it that same feeling you would to going to the grocery store; that you are certain that you already possess it! 

Meaning, you are certain that and have no resistance around your decision to visit the grocery store.

However, as you break through your existing paradigm on what’s possible for you, and you exercise your visualization and certainty of it, your subconscious mind now creates a new habit of accepting new higher-ranking possibilities for you. 

It now treats your desires as attainable possibilities and with the same familiar level of certainty you’re used to applying to going to the grocery store, or whatever scenario you normally apply and accept as a ‘certain scenario,’ towards which you have zero resistance, fear it won’t materialize, or doubt.

human projector

Mind Hack: While you visualize your desired scenario, what you might work on simultaneously is understanding and internalizing the higher principles at work here:

  1. Thoughts and concepts you accepted as truth at some point in your life, become beliefs which become anchored in your subconscious
  2. Thoughts and concepts anchored in your subconscious create and control your experience, all of it
  3. You can control your thoughts and the concepts you think about and give your attention to — to the extent that you can literally make a thought go away if it does not make you feel in a way you do not wish to feel (maybe sadness, fear, panic, anger, hopeless, etc.)
  4. You understand that you do not attract things, but experiences (scenarios), and you now visualize your highest desired experiences — want a luxury vehicle? see and feel yourself in the new scenario in which you now own that luxury vehicle 
  5. Your chosen conscious accepting of your highest desired scenario as one you will soon have, through repetition, is accepted as yours by your subconscious 
  6. Giving you urges and vivid visuals, your subconscious mind now provides you the action steps you must take to experience it the scenario you trained it to accept as certainly yours
  7. Now you immediately do and act as guided! “by thought, the thing you want is brought to you. by action, you receive it.” -Wallace D. Wattles 

When you accept the above, then these truths must translate into the following, new and higher principle to guide your life: You are the master of your life-experience, and you now consciously guide it to your experiencing of your highest desires.

No matter what you’re visualizing, whether you’re visualizing how you don’t want it to be or how you do want it to be, or whether you’re focusing on what you don’t want – erroneously thinking that is helping to change it, you are actually creating it just the way you’re thinking it. 

In other words: things are not brought into existence by focusing on their opposite!


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