The I factor

Fact: I am more real than any concept of God. ‘I’ come before concepts. 

In fact, ‘I’ is something I am certain of (and I know) without a doubt. I am certain of ‘I’. Everything after “I” is just a belief and beliefs fluctuate from I to I, or person to person. 

‘I’ believe in _______. Do you believe in ________?

Possible answer: ” ‘I’ do, or ‘I’ don’t.”

I am even more certain of, and do not question, that there is a YOU to evaluate my question — the answer to which is debatable, but you never were.

Our belief in _______, is up for debate.

That which I or You never even questioned, or had any natural inclination to debate upon were the ‘I’ and You involved in the conversation. 

We are to each other, real, unquestionable, certain.

That which ‘I’ or You believe, or not, whether they are concepts about God, or anything for that matter, are illusionary, questionable, debatable, and therefore made up.. not real.

This means that ‘I’ and You (You being an individualized ‘I’ since you are “you” from my “I” perspective, but “I” from your own) are not only the same “I”, but that of which we are both certain; ‘I.’

And, to address the original question;

‘I’ is the first thing, original impulse, unquestionable creative energy, what I refer to as God! 

But remember before anything else, before the question, there was ‘I’ to do any analysis of the question to begin with.

So, do I believe in God? 



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