Right Being + Right Thought + Quantum Physics = Success, Guaranteed

Have you ever wondered, ‘Why can’t I be successful all the time, without fail, guaranteed by Universal Law?’ Don’t you think that this question is very similar to ‘Why does the moon rotate around the earth perfectly, without fail, for millions of years?’ 

Think about that for a while. Now, here is a shocker: everything works perfectly, guaranteed by Universal Law that never fails even once. When things look like they are ‘failing’ or ‘random’, it is only that we do not fully understand the perfect law and outcome 

behind them.

Accidents do not happen; it is our perception that goes into ‘accident’, seeing an illusion instead of the perfect reality. What I am trying to say here is this: your success is guaranteed by Universal Laws that never fail. Where you perceive yourself as having failed, you have not really failed. 

You have simply succeeded, perfectly, in failing. Failure only happens when you apply Universal Laws unconsciously, without awareness, in a detrimental way. You cannot not live by Universal Laws.

That is because they are all that there is, and they never fail. This is where your rescue, therefore, lies. It lies in you recognizing them, becoming aware of them, then applying in them perfectly to achieve your desired outcomes. Here, then, is a brief look at these laws plus some other things. 

Again, this is a very brief introduction, but it is a beginning in the right way. 

Quantum Physics: Knowing what you and the world are made of is the first key to knowing how to make it your way. Quantum Physics begins to explain how everything in your world comes to be. You are in direct manipulation of your entire physical world, but you may not be aware of this fact. 

And your lack of awareness of this fact, how the physical matter comes about and your role in it, makes your life appear to you as an occurrence that is out of your control. Quantum physics is the study of the building blocks of the universe. For example, your body is made up of cells. 

These cells are in turn made up of molecules, which are made up of atoms, which are in turn made up of subatomic particles such as electrons. Everything is made up of ‘large groups’ of subatomic particles, also called energy. Your body, a tree, thoughts, a vehicle, a planet, light, and everything else are ‘concentrations’ of energy. 

All of them are large collections of pretty much the same types of subatomic particles. The only difference is in the way these particles are grouped together into ever-larger building blocks. To speak correctly, a subatomic particle is not really a particle in the way that a grain of sand is a particle. 

They are ‘probabilities of existence’ and at the same time ‘multiple existences’. They are also wave-like and particle-like at the same time. Everything in this universe is made up of energy, and these energy packets behave in the most amazing way! They are at our command! The reason they would arrange themselves into a luxury boat, for example, is our individual and collective thoughts. 

Do you now start to see the link between wealth and quantum physics? Up until this point, you may have been designing your world haphazardly and unconsciously. Your very thinking, each thought, shifts the universe to an extent.

Time: Time does not exist. Albert Einstein proved to us that time is an illusion, no matter how persistent it is. You can and actually do expand and shrink it all the time, again by your thought and consciousness. 

The only ‘time’ that exists is an eternal moment of Now. You can only Be Here, Now. You have never been anywhere else. Your mind tricks you that you were somewhere yesterday and will be somewhere tomorrow. 

But if you look carefully, you will see you cannot Be anywhere else other than here, now. Be-ing is of this moment only. You don’t believe it? well, try to be tomorrow! Even ‘tomorrow’ must come to you Here, Now. So what is time? Well, imagine the picture of the Mona Lisa. You can see it all at one go, right? 

Well, imagine that your eyes were only capable of seeing it a slice at a time. It would then take you ‘time’ to go through the whole picture. Your mind would trick you into thinking that you are experiencing some of the Mona Lisa painting today, some yesterday, some tomorrow. 

Yet the whole Mona Lisa exists all at one go. In the same way, time is your limited consciousness experiencing slices of infinity and eternity – all possibilities of existence. You choose which slices to experience by your thoughts, states of being, and beliefs. That also is a  secret to success.

Thoughts and Images of the Mind: You now will learn how to create your universe out of the quantum field using images of your mind. We saw earlier that energy particles, the building blocks of the whole universe, ‘arrange’ themselves to our thoughts. That is why it is said you have free will, and anything you believe you can achieve. 

It has also been said that faith can move mountains, and that is very literal. And quantum physics shows why. Your life is images of your mind, expressed. You are living the life that you have imagined. The thoughts, dreams and fears that you have had and believed have crystallized into your world. 

The bad news is that you have about 50,000 thoughts a day, 90% repetitive, most of which you are unaware of, many of them negative, and all of them make up your life. The good news is that you can become aware of them by choosing to be, and you can start thinking straight, focused, clearly and positively and your world will change likewise. 

Being: This is actually the most powerful creation tool of all, your state of Being. Having and being are one and the same thing. Being is state, such as being happy. You cannot explain state, nor can you do a state. 

You can only be a state. You cannot do happiness; you can only be happiness or be happy. Creation works as follows: being causes thinking, which causes speaking, which causes doing, which puts in place the system to receive and experience what you created in your being and thinking. Being is the First Cause. 

What you are internally is what your world externally becomes. By having Wealth Consciousness, you become wealthy outside without fail. By knowing abundance intimately inside, outside follows without fail. When you believe in scarcity, the outside has to oblige and be scarce for you. 

Action: We are always doing things and wondering why our doing isn’t helping us always. Understand this: actions, doing, are acts of the body. They are the last part of the creation sequence. They do not have creative power. 

Only the spirit and mind does have that power. The body, actions, are a tool for receiving and experiencing what you have created by your state of being, your beliefs and your thinking. That should explain a lot about your life as it may be now. You cannot do being, you can only be being. You cannot do wealth, you can only be wealthy. 

And that is a change of state that you can take on any time you choose, and no one can stop you. Conditions follow state of being and not the other way around. 

Certainty: Certainty, faith, belief, is a necessary part of creating wealth or anything else for that matter. It is that which gives the universe a go-ahead to do as you wish it to do.

You see, you cannot become a state without certainty, for such becoming is unbecoming. You cannot be happy if you are unsure that you are happy. 

You also cannot create goals without certainty, not only in their accuracy but also in their coming to reality for you. Even speaking and acting without certainty is powerless. Anything you believe you can achieve. You are already living the life that you believe in. change your belief to change your life.

Cause and Effect: Here is the most important law of the universe. Here is a prime key to wealth consciousness. If you live by this, you cannot fail to get wealth. Whatever you wish to have, cause another to have. To be happy, cause another person to be happy. This works the same with everything else. 

Conditions: Conditions are a result of your state of being and thinking. They may appear to happen to you just by fate, but on closer inspection you will come to see that you are at cause of their very existence and you can change them at any time. 

Want not: Desire, but never want. There is good reason to watch your words, thoughts, actions and states. Every state and thought is acted upon precisely by the universe, by law. Wanting is a state of never having. Therefore, you can never have what you  want. Instead, desire to experience something that you wish to have, for in reality you already have everything, although you’re experiencing of that everything is divided in slices of ‘time’. 

Desire acknowledges that you already have it, you just may not yet have experienced it.

Purpose: Discover why you chose to come to this world, and you will be filled with a will to live and a power to create. 

Giving and Gratitude: Giving causes having. Gratitude declares certainty. To have all, give all to all. Everything is an idea. 

Look around you – it all started as an idea. Ideas grow as they are shared, not as they are withheld. And gratitude, among other things, makes you faithful in outcome.

The Self: Know thy Self. You are more powerful than you can ever imagine you are. You need not worry that you have reached the limit of your abilities. You cannot even possibly use up all your abilities in several lifetimes, let alone this one. 

One: Hinduism taught it in a different way. Buddha does the same in a different way. Tao did the same in a different way. Jesus and Mohammed taught it in a different way. Quantum physics teaches it in a different way. Just about every spiritual teacher, sage, quantum physicist and religion teaches us, it its own different way, that we are all one and by acting in that awareness we move forward fastest, most richly and least painfully. This is nothing new, but often we have refused to listen. 

The apparent separations are simply illusions created by our fragmented and conflicting minds. Now, in your quest for wealth and joy, you may wish to look at this again.

Abundance: It is all that exists. Even quantum physics proves it. yet in abundance, a field of all possibilities, lies scarcity. You can choose to experience anything within abundance. When you choose and believe in scarcity, then you shall have it. but you can always choose differently at any time. Infinity means just that, and this universe is infinite on infinite levels. 

Well, that is a very brief summary at what it takes to shift your world.


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