Marketing And Product Development Magic

If you are like most people, you probably have a constant desire to get ahead in life, personally or in your business or career. Here, we shall look at two areas of life and how you can make them happen faster and more powerfully successful. The two areas we shall look at are marketing and product or business development. 

Whether you are employed or self-employed, you are always marketing something. You market yourself, your skills, your products or your business. And no matter what you are, you are always developing. You develop yourself, your products or your business. Now, let us look at a magical process you can use to get ahead in marketing or any area of development. 

Step 1 

Reasons are what empower us to achieve. Without reasons, your life lacks meaning, feels empty and is characterized by lack. So first find out the real reasons you wish to succeed at any marketing or development venture. Find out why you wish to develop or market yourself, your business or your products and services. Why do you wish to do it? Your first answer may be ‘to make a lot of money’. Ask yourself again. Why do you wish to have a lot of money? 

You may find that you would like the money to travel, invest, buy things, explore opportunities, have freedom, or make certain contributions. Make a written list of reasons why you wish to have the money. The reason you make this list is  that the world around you comes from your thoughts. 

Look at your life as it has been throughout your past. Remember also the thoughts that used to preoccupy you in your past. Remember your dreams, fears, aspirations, and preoccupations. Do you see how strongly related your life has been to your thoughts? 

You will notice a definite link. Life situations arise from images of the mind. They are the mind expressed and manifested into the physical. Keep these reasons that you have listed above at all times. Keep these reasons in mind and let them form images. 

Play with these reasons, get into them, visualize and fantasize, get excited about them, and be grateful that they will definitely come true by universal law! Feel how it would feel if they all came true. In your mind, experience them as reality, and notice the quality of the energy you would feel if they were they in your physical life now.

Then always remember this feeling all the time. In other words, as you go throughout your day, feel as if you had accomplished all these reasons, and keep their vision in mind; this is what attracts them to you in your physical world. Right now, start being the person you would be if you had already achieved your goals. 

Step 2 

Now let us get back to marketing and development. Why do people get paid? They get paid because of their knowledge. Why do you pay an electrician to fix your electrical items? Because he or she has knowledge on electrical items. Why do you not pay a doctor to fix your radio? 

Because a doctor does not have knowledge to fix radios. Here is the point: knowledge applied is what raises money in cash. It is what converts wealth  consciousness into cash wealth. So what kind of knowledge gets paid for? Any knowledge that improves people’s finances, health, relationships and happiness will earn money. 

So the next step is to build knowledge, then find out how to apply it to make the improvements we just mentioned. 

To begin with, ask yourself what it is you wish to accomplish. Do you wish to market an existing product? Do you wish to develop a new product? In what area? Be clear in your question to yourself. You may be broad or specific, as you wish, but be clear. 

Once you have the question formulated clearly on paper and in your mind, it is time to  find out how to achieve your new goal, find your new solution, or discover your new marketing approach. There is no problem that does not have a solution already waiting for it! 

The way to make new discoveries is this way: 

(a) Recognize that many new ideas are simply new arrangements of old information. Therefore, gather all the information you can on your subject of interest. This is a very important step and you must take it very seriously. Get together general and specific information about your area of interest. Open a new folder and put in material you get from the web, magazines, people, books and so on. 

For example, if you are a BMW salesperson and you wish to discover new markets and find new ways to sell your BMWs, gather as much specific information as you can on BMW cars, their history, mechanics, and so on. Also, gather general information about cars, transportation, people, society, human behavior, safety, marketing, entertainment, and so on. 

Then, gather information about existing relationships between all the materials you have gathered (e.g. many people buy BMWs for their security and lifestyle appeal – that is an  example of a relationship).

(b) Now it is time to do what many geniuses, scientists and artists do. Once you have read through all your gathered materials, relax and let go. Do absolutely nothing active in your mind with that information. Go play some sports, watch TV, spend time with friends and family. Then go to bed. 

If anything pops up in your mind regarding the subject, let it be. Don’t resist it, but don’t get all caught up in it and encourage the thought. Just observe it. Do not actively think about the subject. Keep the question  clearly in your mind by repeating it to yourself once in awhile, but that’s it. Let go and simply become aware of your mind and environment. 

The idea is to get out of the way so that inspiration can come in. Your lower egoic mind is too noisy and it will interfere and insist on certain solutions that will simply turn out to be useless. Let your higher mind do the work. 

Let your subconscious come in. Become an observer of yourself and your environment as that is where the answer will pop up from. Don’t miss it by being absent minded! Listen and watch your mind and your world. Every now and then, your mind will throw out some new bits and insights on the subject. 

However small they are, note them down on paper. You will also start seeing coincidental mentions related to your subject in question. You will see these coincidental mentions on TV, perhaps in the music you listen to, on magazines you read, or in certain things people happen to say. 

Be alert and whenever you see something that is related, follow it and see where it leads you. You will be surprised at how many inventions and discoveries were found this way. Edison (the guy who discovered the light bulb), for example, discovered most of  is hundreds of inventions by letting go once the question was formed and seeing what pops up in his mind and environment. 

So did Einstein and many artists, scientists, musicians and regular folk. Be aware, alert, and record everything that pops up in you or outside you. Be present – don’t get absent minded. It is all in the Now. Everything new comes from the Now as all things can only Be Here Now, and not in your phantom world of the preoccupied mind. Slowly or rapidly, in whole or in pieces, the new idea or solution will form and appear to you, often in the moment you least expect. 

Stay positive but detached from a specific outcome. Stay excited and grateful but not anxious. And most of all, don’t be judgmental of whatever pops up. You see, judgment keeps a mind closed, and presuming and insisting you know the best answer and process negates the point of asking your deeper mind and universe for an optimal process and answer. 

Follow your intuition.

Step 3

Find appropriate people to help you grow your new idea. An idea can only grow as it is shared with the right people to help it grow. An idea not shared dies. So, immediately, start finding support for your new idea. It could be marketing professionals or firms, or consultants, or even just friends and family. 

Step 4

If you bump into a problem, know that within every problem lies the solution and opportunity to find something important that is related to the goal. We create problems or attract them to ourselves because of the magnificent truths that they present to us if only we would be willing to focus on the solution. Keep your focus on the opportunity and find ways to be the solution. Be the solution. That is where the golden lessons lie. Ask yourself ‘how can I be the solution?’

Step 5

Be unique, persistent, believing and act now, here. You get rewarded in direct proportion to your uniqueness. So stop hiding your uniqueness, trying to blend in, and instead show your uniqueness. Things happen when you believe in them, so believe in yourself and your idea. 

And 90% of success is showing up, so show up and do it. Do or don’t, never try. And most of all have fun with the whole process, not just the end of the goal. Success is something you automatically attract by the person you become, and that is why the process is where the juice is; the goal simply tricks you into reaching out, into being willing to take the process. 

If you follow the above process you can discover new things to move you forward in any area of your life. Now the only thing left to do is to build abundance consciousness within you and your life will take on a new and powerful direction. I wish you all the best. 


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