They say you can achieve it if you believe it. They also say that trust is necessary. But you know what; they also say that whether you believe it or not, whether you trust it or not, certain laws of the universe will always work as they are designed to. Your belief and trust is, in regard to these laws, unnecessary.

You could say that there is a certain Current of Life that will run a certain way whether you believe it or not. When you swim against this current, it is a struggle, and then you definitely do need belief and trust to achieve your goals. 

When you swim with the current, when you are in the flow, you become prosperous effortlessly, and belief and trust is not necessary. At that point, only desire is required, and that desire calls forth the achievement of your goals, effortlessly.

One definition of trust, in regards to what we are talking about here, is the believing that you will be given what you ask for. Ask and you shall receive. It is a very simple statement; no need to complicate it. The universe always brings forth what you hold in your mind. Call it the Law of Attraction or Cause and Effect. 

You become what you think about. And what you become, what you are, is a state of being that attracts the conditions that define that state of being. This becomes your life.

Not believing that you will receive whatever you ask for is lack of trust. Therefore, lack of trust is a belief that works against you because your thoughts will tend to say to you “you will not get what you desire”. And so shall it be. So lack of trust is definitely something that will bring thoughts that create realities that are against your desires.

But imagine now that you are moving into trust, becoming more trusting of yourself and the universe as a whole. Finally, you become fully trusting – and then you discover something magical. 

That the system works very simply. You are so you have. You think so you create. It is a simple system. It works whether you trust it or not. When you don’t trust, you come from a state of being attacked and defeated and you think thoughts of lacking. And  because you are so and you think so, the system creates so, exactly (and so you end up with “evidence” that “proves” that you cannot trust the universe).

But when you are in a state of knowing abundance and thinking that way, the system creates from those same thoughts. And you end up with your desires being achieved easily. It is a simple input output system. What you put in is what you get out. So when you fully trust, you start to see the magic – that trust is unnecessary. 

The system will always process your input and produce corresponding output exactly. Do you see this? Trust is not necessary, but if you are distrustful, then trust is necessary – not for the sake of the system, but for your sake.

Lack of trust is a crippler, trust is the crutches to help you learn to walk and heal your cripple, and when you can walk fully healed, you drop the crutches, you realize that trust is unnecessary, because you see finally that the system works always. 

At that point you move from the idea and conviction that the person with the request, the request itself, and the fulfiller of the request are three separate things, and you finally see and experience that they are all the same One thing. The observer, the observed and the observation are One.

Let’s talk about belief now. This is even simpler. Illusions depend on belief for them to exist, for they are “made up” by the thoughts held by the believer. But Reality exists whether you believe it or not. It just Is. 

So you don’t have to believe, as long as you don’t believe against. You don’t have to believe, as long as you don’t believe against. You don’t have to believe that you will get the car of your dreams, as long as you don’t believe you won’t. 

As long as you desire and dream of the car, it will come, but only as long as you don’t believe it won’t. Again, belief is unnecessary, unless you hold a contrary thought. If you hold contrary thoughts, belief is necessary (it is another crutch). Don’t forget that a belief is merely a thought that you have over and over. A belief is simply a thought you have repeatedly.

So what is necessary on all occasions, whether you are talking about belief or trust? Imagination, desire, is the only necessary ingredient. That is all. Imagination, vision, desire – that is all that must be there. 

And if it is clear and unobstructed, even without belief or trust it will work perfectly. Whatever you imagine and desire is magnetized to  you naturally, scientifically, and you don’t have to do anything to make these laws work for you.

It is very true that you can have anything if you believe it. But remember, if you are having trouble finding your faith, simply look instead at the system, and you will see that faith is not even necessary, once you know that the system has been created by the Creator to work perfectly all the time, regardless. What you put in is what you get out. 

Your job, then, is simply not to think against yourself, and as long as you don’t think against yourself, all your desires will naturally manifest. I wish you the highest possible achievements. 


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