Round Trip Power Marketing

Lets cut to the chase. You have a business (or a new business idea). You wish to sell your products and services, and you wish to eliminate the guesswork and guarantee results. How do you do that? How do you do it on the Internet, or off the Internet? 

The way is simple. But before we look at the way, let us take you as an example customer. I want you to remember the last time you walked into a shop to buy a shirt or blouse. What happened? 

You walked into the shop, walked around slowly, throwing your eyes here and there. Then you stopped, picked one shirt or blouse up, and lifted it in front of you to examine it. Now, stop right there. Why did you pick that one up? Why did you not pick the remaining two thousand items in that shop? 

Something about that very one item you picked up drew you to it unconsciously, without any reason at all, and only when you had conscious attention on the item did you start to think about the item. Two thousand items in a shop, and only one made you touch it! Why?

OK, now think about your house and your wardrobe. Do you see a common thread? The colors, themes, style and all are unique to you. Maybe you are a smart casual person. All your clothes and items will tend to fit that category, will they not? You will not go  shopping one day and bring in a hippy outfit, a jungle drum, and a couture hat. In other words, everything you buy miraculously tends to match your personality. Even things you buy on impulse fit! 

The point here is this: you do not make your purchase decision! You only rationalize it after the fact! Look, you walk into a shop, some item attracts you to it almost magnetically, you pick it up and then you start thinking “will it match my shoes, can I afford it, do I need it, is it of good quality?” and so on. Let us look at that clearly.

Your personality construct picks up products, adverts, services and so on, that fit it perfectly. Your conscious mind is not even involved. You see about 3000 ads a day, but only the one that fits your construct is brought to your attention. All the others are automatically filtered. Now here is the biggest punch: your purchase decision was made way before you walked into that shop! 

Anything that did not fit your personality construct did not even have a chance in hell to grab you! Your decision is pre-made for all your future purchases. Marketing experts say that the headline in an ad (be it a banner ad or whatever) only has about 3 seconds to grab you. And you know why that is? 

Because your subconscious mind has already predetermined what it needs in this world, and all it is doing is screening every single impulse in your range of senses. When it sees one that is a perfect match, it screams and your conscious mind takes notice. 

Only at this point do you start making logical thoughts about what attracted you. You make an emotional decision that is not even in your awareness at the time, and then you try to make up logical reasons to resist or support your emotions. When we talk about emotions, we are not talking about some mushy feel-good thing. 

Emotions are merely energy in motion. And what happens is that your energy construct resonates with items with the same energy construct as yours. That is all that it takes. So even purchases for office equipment and printing paper have emotion in the decision.

Now let us get back to your business and how to use round trip marketing to increase sales. As you have seen, your products and services will only match a people with certain energy configurations, automatically. Even if you left them lying on the street, they will grab those people and be ignored by everyone else. So the trick is to find out two things. First, what kind of people are these. And next, where do they live, where do they visit, where do they move through.

What you are now going to do is do a round trip that involves asking your guaranteed customers what kind of people they are, where they are, then you go back to your business and modify it to better fit the kind of people they are, and finally you go to where they are to catch more like them and appeal to them exactly. Here are the steps:

  1. Get a mailing list of all the people who have bought from you. Not people who have expressed interest or taken free items from you. It must be people who have purchased  from you. 
  2. Find out what their emotional construct is. This is easy when you consider that emotions are energetic reactions to stimuli. And we as humans have 5 physical senses to measure stimuli. We measure color, sound, shapes, smell, touch and so on. Anything we can grab with our eyes, ears, nose, mouth and touch. So what you need to do is survey people who have bought from you and find out what their favorite colors, shapes, sounds, textures and so on are. 

You need general information in this area and also specific information. The general information is what we have just described. What are their favorite shapes, colors, sights and so on? Are they primarily visual in their processing, or do they use sound, etc. Next, get specific information on them. 

What is it  about your products and services that made them buy them? Why did they get attracted to them? Ask them. So now you have general data on their emotional triggers, and specific data on their emotional triggers as applied to the products and services they already bought from you. 

  1. Next, ask them where they are. Why? Because birds of a feather flock together. Where they hang out on and off the Internet, the ezines and magazines they read, the web pages they go to, and so on. Where are they and where do they visit? 
  2. Now go back to your business. Get your data on emotional triggers and use it to modify every aspect of your business. Modify the web site, the product packages, the sales letters, and so on. Use the colors, shapes, words and so on, that they said they like. You will find that they are very similar. Answer the questions they said they had. 
  3. Then, with your newly packages and modified business that exactly matches your type of customer, go back to the market. Go to the places they said they hang out. Put your new ads there, the ads that you have now created based on the profile data you collected. The ads that appeal to them fully. Put your publicity there. Market only in the places they said they are. 

This way, you will catch the same type of people who are proven to buy from you, and you will present yourself in a way that is proven to be magnetic to them. And that completes your round trip! Now just keep this process running for ever, expanding your business as you go, expanding your territory.

There is only one question remaining. Why would they answer you? Why would they participate in your detailed survey? Because you give them something free and valuable in return. Find something that does not cost you anything (like useful information in the  format of an ebook) and give it to them in exchange for the survey participation.

And there is only one more thing to do. Now that you have got them emotionally and demographically, you only need to help them with their logical part of the decision. Remember your shirt or blouse example? 

After you were unconsciously attracted to it, you finally had to convince yourself why or why not you should buy it. The logical part of this decision depended on price and other related logical reasons. You were doing two things at a time. 

You were on one hand convincing yourself to go ahead, and on the other hand to not go ahead. And after you purchased, you probably had buyer’s remorse, thinking you should not have gone ahead. The logical reasons are well covered in sales books and you can get one to see what ways you can help your customers make a logical  decision (for example, giving them comparison charts, guarantees, and so on).

So there you go. Round trip power marketing for you! 


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