The riches to rags story is as old as the hills. It happens to corporations, countries, communities, families and individuals. One day you are up, the next day down. It may be short term or long term. And we have well established names for these states: broke, poor, bankrupt, and so on. 

This story is so common that it has been woven into our economics and legal systems. That is not important. What is important is this: why does it happen, what is the real cause, and how does one not get into it?

We are now going to analyze the steps that people unconsciously take to get from success into failure. As we do so, you will see how simple they really are, and at first you may be tempted to dismiss this analysis, as it does appear to be very simple. But consider what you read here as a whole and you will see the mechanics better once you take it all in.

All things in our lives arise from our thoughts. It therefore serves us well to observe the thought pattern that leads to failure. It starts off as an unrecognizable creep unless you are aware of its mechanics, and swells into a mental panic that seems to take over your life. We now have scientific, psychological and spiritual evidence that shows us that we become what we think about, believingly. 

Our thoughts create our next experience, our next moment. Quantum physicists have proven beyond a doubt that the material world is fully dependent on its observers. They have proven that all matter is made of energy, and this energy ‘arranges’ itself into the matter we see based on the expectations of the observer. In other words, it is our intentions, attention and observations that ‘collapse’ this energy into matter. This is not scientific speculation any more. 

Nobel Prize winning scientists have proven this without a shred of doubt. All our religions, all of them, tell us that what we believe we become.

If you analyze any time you have ever personally gone down the road to some sort of ‘failure’ in your finances, relationships or health, you will notice that the road always had a particular chain reaction. Stop reading now and think of a particular instance when you did go through some sort of ‘failure’ in the past. Do you have one in mind? Ok, now trace its beginning to its end and you will see that it had the following trend:

Stage One: First, you were OK, before the ‘failure’ started to happen. You did not even have your attention to the possibility of this failure happening. It may be something that may have popped in your mind before, but you did not particularly have it in your constant attention at all. 

Stage Two: Then, something made you start paying attention to the possibility of failure, of a ‘bad thing’ happening. For example, assuming it is a marketing failure or a business failure, you may have seen a newspaper article saying something about the economy going into recession, or you may have missed a payment on a bill, or a particular bit of marketing you put out did not return the amount of results you initially ‘hoped’ for. Not expected, but hoped.

Stage Three: You observed this one instance of ‘failure’ or ‘bad news’ and you somehow hooked onto it. Something in your mind said ‘Wow, this is bad. I am afraid of it; I hope it doesn’t become worse.’ Or something to that effect. At this point, it is still a minor idea in your mind. But notice here what happened. 

You saw something out there in the world. You looked at the world asking ‘what is your truth’. You looked at the world for evidence of truth. Think about that for a second. People are used to looking at the world to get their definition of truth, and whatever they see out there they accept it as truth. Ok, so you looked outside and you saw this small failure. You accepted it as a truth and a possibility that may happen to you. You took it in. 

This is where the downhill trip all starts. Remember, the world becomes from our thoughts, our beliefs. That is why positive thinking works, why faith works, and so on. The external world is a reflection of our internal state. When you change, it changes. We now have solid scientific evidence of this fact. 

Stage Four: The world does not know who you are. It only reflects upon who you are. Failure  now starts to pick up speed when you look more and more upon the world asking ‘who am I, what is my truth’ as you always do unconsciously, and then accept whatever it says. 

So now the small failure you observed and accepted as truth sets off some more thoughts of failure possibilities. So you think, ‘Gee, I hope this next bit of marketing I do doesn’t fail’ and so on. But what are you doing then? You are declaring internally that you have no control, that you are under the mercy of little things, and you are on the side of failure, hoping to succeed. So you do the marketing, and because the world reflects you, it most likely doesn’t work out as you hoped. 

You are always telling the world who you are and it is always exactly reflecting that. If you come from a standpoint of failure, it will prove you right, and vice versa. We are the sum total of our thoughts, and so is each of our worldly experiences.

Stage Five: You observe this new failure and because now there is more failure, you go into panic. You believe it more and think more and more that you will really mess up. And because you think of it so often, with so much worry, the failures in your world happen more and more. 

And you look upon them and accept them more and more. This chain reaction goes until your mind is out of control, in a panic and you feel as if you are in a daydream, a web of thoughts and emotions all tangled up. But do you see how you got there, and how easy it is to get out?

The world does not know who you are; it only manifests what you are. Do you see this little vicious cycle? You are the cause, and therefore you are the evidence. But when you believe you are not, you look upon the effect and let it determine your cause. And because it came from your cause, it will mirror what you feared was true, and you will think it is true, so you will cause even more harm unknowingly, and the cycle continues.

This is what will free you: do the opposite. Instead of accepting the ‘failure’ you see in front of you as truth, simply choose not to accept it. Remember, it is only there because you brought it there at some level. You may not have been conscious and aware that you were doing it. It cannot be without you empowering it to be. It is now merely asking you, ‘what next, boss?’ And whatever you say, it will do. 

Yet you ask it what the truth is, and accept its answer as truth. Its answer is the answer that you have given to it. By your acceptance and reaction to it, you empower it even more. And as you react, it moves to match your reaction. And because it moves and you observe the change as having matched what you feared, you accept the change as truth and just for you. 

Simply stop this. You are the truth of your world. You never have to accept external truths. You have a choice. Now that you know that our world patterns itself on our thoughts and beliefs, you can take back the power you gave away to your fears. At first it may be hard to change the way you think, from a partly conscious way to a fully conscious and directed way, ignoring any ‘truth and evidence’ offered to you by the physical world. 

But know it works and you can do it, and with practice it will soon become normal to you and everything will flow. Haven’t you ever noticed how the most successful people today all did what everybody said was ‘impossible’? They stood against the ‘evidence’ and declared their own truth, and the universe moved with them. It cannot fail to move. 

If you are in a tight spot, remember that this spot is not the truth – it is just a reflection of what you hold to be true in your mind and heart. Free your mind and heart, holding them free no matter what, and your external will miraculously change. Cause and effect are instantaneous, time only coming between them to the extent of your clarity and certainty.


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