Here are a couple of examples of how the basic order of words in such sentences might look: It passes on information. Check my grammar is a premium standard, free web-based instant sentence grammar and spelling checker tool for checking your write-ups for errors in sentence, spelling, and punctuation. The last of the four sentence types is the exclamatory sentence. 3, Aircraft passed overhead with monotonous regularity. An English sentence must have a subject and a verb of its own. Since it involves repeating movements, raking leaves is such a monotonous task. Conversational sentences tend to be short. How to say monotonous. If short-sentence prose goes on very long, whatever its content, the thump-thump beat gives it a false simplicity that soon just sounds dumb. A declarative sentence is a sentence that makes a statement, e.g., 'I like cheese.' But when Mikhail raised the phone of its hook, all he got was a dead signal, monotonous and bleeping. In a previous post, we explored the common errors of run-on sentences and comma splices.Run-ons are sentences that incorrectly stitch together multiple independent clauses. The definition of monotonous is having little or no variety. The modifying phrase needs to modify a word in the sentence or it will become a dangling modifier. ‘It was a sound low and monotonous at first; then rising, becoming shaped by rhythm and chorused cadence.’ ‘The only sound to be heard was the monotonous hum of the engine as the car continued its trek down the long quiet street.’ ‘The noise, monotonous and unrelenting, brought him … Be concise and clear: You always heard that being concise and clear is very important and it is what you need to do in writing. This is what you get with Grammarly premium. As you can see, both sentences given above have a subject and a verb of their own. The rain brought the mercury down to some degrees and provided a break from monotonous routine. Meals during the Japanese occupation were monotonous. His poetry brought vigor to the stale, monotonous Spanish-language poetry of the time. monotonous pronunciation. the sentence as structure and the structure of content or how to become a great writer almost instantly or the lost art of sentence structure and ... sentence structure and according to rules of grammar sentence structure can sometimes be quite complicated for the sake of … The 3 main Grammarly hacks to get premium for free are using its affiliate program, getting free ... improper formatting, intricate texts, incomplete sentences, and monotonous sentences, you have to subscribe to the premium service. This is how I would reword it: A lively societal debate rages among the … How to use monotonous in a sentence. Whether you write fiction or academic prose, you will still want to vary the length of your sentences. Meaning, pronunciation, picture, example sentences, grammar, usage notes, synonyms and more. 35. by Nicholas Walker, under Writing skills. The show is loaded down with ponderous one liners. monotonous in a sentence. Monotonous definition: Something that is monotonous is very boring because it has a regular , repeated pattern... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples Tips on Grammar Sentence Structure. It is also used to correct any spelling errors made. "Very short sentences, isolated or in a series, are terrifically effective in the right place. In addition, I found Grammarly to be frequently just plain *wrong* in its suggestions. My experience with grammar checkers is that they are more trouble than they are worth; often complaining of sentence structures and usage that I *intended* to be different/colloquial/odd. Another way to combine two sentences is by turning one of them into a modifying phrase. prosaic monotony: Sameness of pitch or tone in a sound or utterance. Is a sentence fragment a grammatical error? Or it could be a dependent clause. Grammar Girl Mignon Fogarty offers different solutions for run-ons, each suited to different writing styles. Learn more. Definition of monotonous adjective in Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary. Learn more. Mike took out his pen. We use cookies to enhance your experience on our website, including to provide targeted advertising and track usage. A declarative sentence does give an order ('Pass the cheese.') This page has lots of examples of passive sentences and an interactive exercise. They’re extremely common in speech, too. Because Marvin was angry at his wife, he gave only monotonous responses to her questions. monotonous in a sentence 1, It's monotonous work, like most factory jobs. Use "monotonous" in a sentence The palette used is monotonous, with variety from grayish- blue to brown. I’ll be able to retire in only two more years. 34. Monotonous definition: Something that is monotonous is very boring because it has a regular , repeated pattern... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples He describes Imperialism as "a He started writing. but avoid making misplaced modifier. Monotonous definition, lacking in variety; tediously unvarying: the monotonous flat scenery. A grammar checker online is a valuable tool to check grammar and achieve success in life. Proper grammar is essential for writing good English. Examples of Monotonous in a sentence. Rather I am busy. Not only is this paragraph one really long sentence - but it’s also self-indulgent in using more words than are needed to make the point. See more. Listen to the audio pronunciation in English. monotonous: Sounded or spoken in a tone unvarying in pitch. This involves using a verb in the –ing form. The app will automatically check any text you write on the internet and suggest improvements. The same monotonous footsteps pound the floor, and finally stop moving when they approach a doorway. Life is at times monotonous and dull. After my studies, I got a job and that made my life monotonous. Also, free grammatically correct sentence checker will allow you to detect these grammar errors at no time and find out how to fix them at once. In a passive sentence, the action of the verb is done to the subject. Menu. Jonny's voice was coldly monotonous but soft. A sentence fragment is an incomplete sentence. ‘It was a sound low and monotonous at first; then rising, becoming shaped by rhythm and chorused cadence.’ ‘The only sound to be heard was the monotonous hum of the engine as the car continued its trek down the long quiet street.’ ‘The noise, monotonous and unrelenting, brought him … English words and Examples of Usage use "monotonous" in a sentence The palette used is monotonous, with variety from grayish-blue to brown. monotonous definition: 1. not changing and therefore boring: 2. not changing and therefore boring: 3. boring because of…. or ask a question ('Do you like cheese?'). What are sentence length and sentence variance? Sentence Examples. This page has lots of examples of declarative sentences … Correct Sentence Grammar Checker Many people rely on the checker provided by Microsoft Word, but this program is notoriously unreliable in catching all mistakes and is known for making suggestions that are simply incorrect. Not exactly. Introductory Adverbs: Tomorrow I shall go there. For that, you will need a grammar checker online too. It is used to express a strong surprise of emotion and always ends with an exclamation mark. prolixity: Boring verbosity. is an advanced Free online sentence checker, It can check for run-on sentence and fragment check. All you can talk about is your sacrifices. In fiction, sentences are on average about 20 words long. The music became monotonous after a while. Grammarly will flag all the sentences that are difficult to read or monotonous, so you can adjust them accordingly. Prose consisting entirely of short, syntactically simple sentences is monotonous, choppy, a blunt instrument. Third, the Style Checker ensures that the way the content flows smoothly by making sure that the tenses don’t get mixed up and also the content isn’t monotonous. Always you are welcome. Modifying Phrases. Second, there’s the Sentence Checker which is integrated with the grammar checker that ensures the sentences made are short and make sense. Her slurred monotonous speech. It’s the first app ever to be able do this, and it’s doing a great job. Nowhere I found her. They are quite monotonous. 42. It’s almost as if you had another human next to you reading everything you’ve written in real-time. A passive sentence is one in which the subject does not perform the action of the verb. It simply makes a statement. ponderous: Having great mass and weight and unwieldiness. Rules are meant to be followed; likewise, grammar rules are essential in … Dictionary ! Individuals who use run-on sentences with no subordination, or who use only simple sentences, produce monotonous writing. It could be a prepositional phrase. Depression flattens the voice almost to monotony. 'The cake was eaten by the dog' is an example of a passive sentence. Meals during the Japanese occupation were monotonous. Free users get a complete spelling, grammar, and punctuation check. Study the sentences given below. When using appositives in a sentence, don’t forget to set the phrase apart with commas. It also uses unnecessary qualifiers (so very) where a stronger adjective would do the trick. Enter the text that you want to check for grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes; then click the grey button below. It can also correct grammatical errors and improve style issues in your writing, Spell check and punctuation checking is just part of its powerful algorithm. After the third quarter of the boring basketball game, all of the players’ actions seemed monotonous to me. Monotonous definition is - uttered or sounded in one unvarying tone : marked by a sameness of pitch and intensity. In academic writing, they are about 40 words long. Thus I told him. Grammarly is a grammar and style editing solution available on your browser, desktop, or mobile. Click on underlined words to get a list of proper wording alternatives, suggestions, and … Introductory adverbs are individual adverbs or adverb clauses at the beginning of a sentence. VS. Monotonic Definition: speaking in an unchanged tone or pitch or (Mathematics)of a sequence or function; consistently increasing and never decreasing or … Run-On Sentences. 2, The music became monotonous after a while. You need to avoid complex, long and convoluted sentences because it is confusing and will only distract your readers.

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