Pretty cut and dry who our heroes are, right? He killed The Joker, who had recently killed Superman’s beloved Lois Lane and many other Daily Planet employees. Subscribe 53 Share. Rumble — It makes sense, they're the coolest looking anyway. 0. 1 . Why We Hated Him: Taking over a bank, taking hostages, scaring people half to death, demeaning them (they had to strip and change clothes), and altogether causing massive problems for the city. Here are the so called bad guys who got the rawest deals of all: Ad - Comments (12) + Comments (12) Top Newest Oldest. The Far Cry series has a great reputation of delivering some of the best villains in video games, and Far Cry 5's antagonist Joseph Seed is no exception. Part of Doctor Doom’s charm is that, as was the intention of creators Lee and Kirby, in all his villainy there was always an air of righteousness and nobility. 6:58 PM Trupasko No comments. Show 40 post(s) from this thread on one page. 148 votes, 468 comments. What if Banner had been in favor of registration, but Hulk had other ideas? >villains who were right - "/vrpg/ - Video Games/RPG" is 4chan's imageboard dedicated to the discussion of role-playing video games. Well, unless you watch the Animatrix, wherein it’s revealed that humanity created the machines that eventually enslaved them. Updated November 24, 2020 106.0k votes 18.3k voters 1.4m views29 items. Looking at the Joker’s near-80 year history…Magog wasn’t wrong. Film/TV. Screenslaver’s plan is to show the world how complacent they would become putting all their faith into superheroes by hypnotizing many of the worlds supers and forcing them to unleash evil. Follow. By Daniel Kurland Mar 19, 2020. Superman felt that no matter how much evil he causes, the Joker could still be redeemed, whereas Magog felt that in the end, allowing the Joker to continue would only lead to greater loss of life. The comic series actually offers a balanced conflict with both sides raising valid points. Though Xavier favors the diplomatic while Magneto the militaristic, time and again humanity has proven Magneto’s suspicions right. Sort of? When Patrick (Casey Affleck) found him with Amanda, she was smiling and happy, well taken care of by Doyle and his wife. His plight is an analog to man’s own struggle with mortality, his destructive path to confront his creator and demand more time equal to humanity’s own struggles against the finality of death. Comic: Comic "Villains" who were right thread . Charismatic, focused, and very deadly this cult leader constantly tells the player, and his followers, about the upcoming … 25. Magneto might well be Marvel’s finest villain, in no small part because his “evil” agenda is really a matter of perspective. Expand all. Click UP or DOWN to vote on entries! Jimmy Pierce . Spoilers for the newest installment in the saga, but Incredibles 2 yet again finds the naturally gifted god-like Incredibles having to face off against the evil forces of…oversight and equality? We watch the Joker indiscriminately murder people, but we’re meant to cheer when he “rescues” Harley? 10 Horror Movie Villains Who Were... Kind Of Right. Villains who were in the right uninspiredcup. To watch the follow-up, War for the Planet of the Apes, and see Caesar’s peace give way to violent war, we realize Koba’s predictions came true. Opinions are opinions, and beliefs are beliefs, and this was just his opinion. Unhealthy guys aren’t at all times pushed by rational motives, however these 10 anime villains genuinely thought they had been doing what was proper. Here are 5 villains who were right. Top 10 Scary Disney Villains That Were Right All Along - Part 2. In The Incredibles, there’s more than a few shades of Bird’s potential objectivism. The After Hours crew at Cracked are at it again with a stellar debate on some of Disney’s famous villains and if they were right all along? He’s introduced to us as the one who betrayed the teachings of the Ancient One, who sought a dark power to achieve immortality. Magog is not only the villain of Kingdom Come, but has come to represent the perceived “evil” of ‘90s comics, designed by Mark Waid and Alex Ross to be “…everything we hate in modern superhero design.” His reckless violence and seemingly amoral actions drove Superman into self-imposed exile, after all. Twitter. The Right are amongst the most outright murderous of the anti-mutant groups and seeks one thing: the death of all mutants. User Lists: 2 #1 Edited By uninspiredcup Online. By Patrick Phillips AND Phil Archbold / Oct. 26, 2017 2:01 pm EST / Updated: Oct. 24, 2018 11:58 am EST. First, poor June Moon gets possessed by a demonic spirit, and then Amanda Waller decides to manipulate that evil spirit by keeping her heart in a box and torturing it whenever Enchantress gets out of line. Logan Rapp. By George Wales 14 February 2013. Forum Posts. Animal Farm ; Without knowing the history of queerats, it's hard to see Squealer and his comrades as anything other than a dangerous nuisance. Koba's actions were monstrous, but his motive for doing so was the idea that man and ape could not coexist, and that war would soon break out. The Oscar-winning sequel Blade Runner 2049 had many suggesting it equaled or even surpassed the original, but one element fell flat: Jared Leto’s mustache-twirling Niander Wallace couldn’t hold a candle to the original film’s antagonist, Roy Batty. 1 rumble. 3m41s. Sure, she’s an evil spirit, but she’s an evil spirit with a reason to be miffed. Here are 5 villains who were right. The After Hours crew at Cracked are at it again with a stellar debate on some of Disney’s famous villains and if they were right all along? Though Hulk, as Namor predicted, returns for revenge in World War Hulk, it’s scary to imagine the destruction that might have occurred had Banner’s big green rage monster been around for the events of Civil War. 50 Movie Villains Who Were Probably Right. Our “villain” overthrew the current regime after not demonstrating superhuman abilities and being cast off into the lowest rung of an oppressive, bigoted caste system, and sought to create a society of social and economic equality in its place. 10 Anime Villains Who Had A Point. M. Night Shyamalan’s Unbreakable was a film wildly ahead of its time, getting a critical reappraisal in the wake of the surprise sequel Split. The extra casualties in the already destructive affair would have been unimaginable. as soon as he touches down on Earth. Comments; Shares. The leader of a team of soldiers who take over Alcatraz with chemical weapons, Ed Harris's Colonel Hummel was a man bent on changing the status quo for his soldiers, putting the entire city of San Francisco at risk. Film. Hold on a minute there: You were so pathetic you reacted the same in two timelines. Min returns, having been honest about his history with your mother, and takes you to a shrine to lay your mother to rest. They may be evil, but these are Disney villains who were right all along. They made their debut in X-Factor. Lives in perpetual self doubt. Relatable villains have since become all the rage, especially in the 20th century, as audiences refused to settle for bad guys we were told were “just bad.” They wanted to understand the twisted motives that turned these villains to evil, and sometimes those motives turned out to be pretty understandable. His plan was flawed, but history has shown that his prediction was tragically sound. “The villains were always ugly in books and movies. When the worlds greatest minds were faced with Hulk’s wanton destruction of Las Vegas, the Illuminati (excluding Namor) decide to launch Hulk into space, towards an uninhabited planet. That's right, every year we all gather around the TV and watch Home Alone for the millionth time, enjoying the hilarious antics that young Kevin McCallister gets into. With the entire city of Boston looking for one Amanda McCready in this Gone Baby Gone adaptation, turns out it's Morgan Freeman's Captain Doyle who has her. However, not all villains in these adventures are bad. But as many great writers have said, "every villain is a hero," given a different context. You don't get to do that if you have "a really good reason to." ... but most of her actions were justifiable. So the cop in that movie (our movie's "bad guy") is right … The film? Villains Who Didn’t Deserve Their Punishment, Roy Batty, the Cyborg Leader from Blade Runner. There’s a lot to love from Jason Aaron’s run on Thor: God of Thunder, but the absolute highlight has to be Gorr the God Butcher, a character who can be boiled down to “what if Job got revenge?” We had to root against him when he came to blows with our beloved Thor, but we can’t say he had the worst reasoning.

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