Non-class 1a nouns ending with the syllabic nasal suffix -ng as usual, resulting in two consecutive syllabic nasals [ŋ̩ŋ̩] nng [mɑnoŋ̩] manong ('vultures') → [mɑnoŋ̩ŋ̩] manonng; Class 1a nouns assume the high tone prefix ho-. 9. Thank you: Ke a leboga (I thank you) / Re a leboga (we thank you) Good luck espied, peised 2. have nouns which are grouped into classes according to prefixes. This definition excludes imperatives and infinitives, which are respectively interjectives and class 14 nouns. Not all, but the great majority of nouns have both a singular and a plural form. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. Tap each block to view the quotation text. Magoro a maina/ Northern Sotho Noun Class Prefixes. Lemmatizing nouns according to morpholexical fields Table 11Layout of the noun class systems in Sepedi and CilubàSepedi Class Prefix Example Translation 1 mo- monna man 2 ba- banna men la O rrangwane paternal uncle 2a bo+ borrangwane paternal uncles 3 mo- monwana finger 4 me- menwana fingers 5 le- lesogana young man 6 ma- masogana young men 7 se- selepe axe 8 di- … Command (noun) An order to do something. 20 January 2021. Sesotho definition, the Bantu language of Lesotho; Sotho. A dialect of the Northern Sotho language. The language of the Pedi people; Pedinoun2; also called North(ern) Sotho, see Sotho2 c. Also attributive. Note that for most classes (except for 8, 9 and 10) the class prefix is added to the number. (goodness!) Dictionary of South African English, s.v. Formed from a verb, such as the noun worker derived from the verb work. action is done to noun. Object of Preposition is the last word in a prepositional phrase. 3.8 COMPOUND NOUNS WITH AN ADJECTIVE ..... 270 3.8.1 Morphological structure ..... 271 3.8.2 Noun class prefix of head noun ..... 272 6. lists information using only the South African Sesotho (SASe) orthography. Define deverbative. Proper noun . Applied-etsa-ela: sheba: shebetsa: ask for: Creates applied form of verb. Cookies help us deliver our services. Check the boxes below to ignore/unignore words, then click save at the bottom. The following (Northern Sotho) example demonstrates class concordance as a typical feature of a Bantu language: 1. bathong! *For speakers of Sepedi as home language or first or second additional language. Collective nouns refer to groups of various types. Coloured blocks represent individual quotations in the current entry. (pronoun) noun A Bantu language of southern Africa, the main member of the North Sotho group and spoken by about 4 million people. Dictionary Unit for South African English. Different categories which appear with the noun in the Northern Sotho compound are identified. In Sesotho, like many other African Bibele ye e feletsego ya MP3 : 9780798217682 Bibele ye e feletsego ya MP3 : Sepedi (Northern Sotho) 2000 Translation MP3 Bible: pin. Nouns appear in classes according to the form of their prefixes. 5. Sepedi. deverbative synonyms, deverbative pronunciation, deverbative translation, English dictionary definition of deverbative. What does sepedi mean? Descriptions in three major Northern Sotho grammars are scrutinised and compared to deverbative nouns from the Comprehensive Northern Sotho Dictionary, in … mass noun A Bantu language of southern Africa, the main member of the North Sotho group and spoken by about 4 million people. Had I not been told that he was Allie Otto, I would have given him the traditional Sepedi greeting — ‘warra’. Get the best of Sporcle when you Go Orange.This ad-free experience offers more features, more stats, and more fun while also helping to support Sporcle. See more. "Sepedi, n." Dictionary of South African English. The noun class determines the subject concord for instance - this is very important in the construction of a sentence. locative classes and they mainly indicated a place or a space. Thank you for becoming a member. Sesotho nouns signify concrete or abstract concepts in the language, but are distinct from the Sesotho pronouns. In Dictionary of South African English. The noun class Translation memories are created by human, but computer aligned, which might cause mistakes. In Sesotho, like many other African languages, the nouns are divided into various … Retrieved from "Sepedi, n." accessed January 20, 2021, I am fine too, thank you: Le nna ke gona, ke a leboga. (plural, also used for elders) I am fine: Ke gona. The driver filled the fuel tank of the bus. languages, the nouns are divided into various noun classes. Collective Nouns. It is one of the official languages of South Africa. Found 0 sentences matching phrase "English-Sepedi Dictionary".Found in 0 ms. noun Sotho, Sothos. Used in derivation from a verb, such as the suffix -er in teacher. nouns with their noun class in brackets. Causative-tsa-ntsha-nya: bona: bontsha: cause to see: Something is caused to happen to the noun. of a sentence. It is one of the official languages of South Africa. 1 A member of a group of peoples living chiefly in Botswana, Lesotho, and northern South Africa. determines the subject concord for instance - this is very important in the construction noun The Bantu language of the Tswana people, related to the Sotho languages and spoken by over 4 million people in southern Africa. Sepedi and Sesotho are official languages of South Africa. a fixed singular + plural class — crucial information as all the syntactical concords follow suit. The language of the Pedi people; Pedi noun sense 2 ; … Figure 2: Verb/noun confusion in dictionary linking: pin. Command (noun) The right or authority to order, control or dispose of; the right to be obeyed or to compel obedience. Mohlala: Mosadi, Mokgalanje, Mosetsana, Monna a dialect of the Northern Sotho language. Here are a few lists of certain Collective nouns are … Sepedi Welcome: Kamogelo (noun) / Amogela (verb) Good day Dumela (singular) / Dumelang (plural) / Thobela and Re a lotšha (to elders) How are you? View All; Magoro a maina/Class Prefixes. (singular) Le kae? The boy was hurt in the accident. 3. are classical languages of the continent of Africa. Noun of Direct Address is used to address someone or something. Sotho | Kwintessential UK The best English to Sotho translations around: pin. Fellow citizens, it is time to clean up our city. 4. belong together in one class because of semantic similarities. The term Western Sotho is sometimes used of the related language Setswana. Mouse over or click each block to view the quotation text. Ditsele TABLE 2: New tsotsitaal: pin. "I was given a command to cease shooting." Dictionary Unit for South African English, 2020. Ignored words will never appear in any learning session. CHAPTER TWO deals with the different features of the noun in Northern Sotho. edited by Edwin Theko Malebe. O kae? Zulu words for salt include usawoti, itshiwa, nomunyu, kamunyu, ngosawoti, angenasawoti, -munyu, umunyu, inwabi and munyu. Noun Functions as Object of Proposition. Hlogo ya Mo e swara maina a batho. Classes 16, 17 and 18 are called Find more Zulu words at! Sotho Show more Sotho sePedi, noun prefix se-+ Pedi (or in Lesotho orthography Peli), see Pedi. Exposé definition: An exposé is a film or piece of writing which reveals the truth about a situation or... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples Learn Sepedi. sePêdi translation in Northern Sotho-English dictionary. Ethnologue entry for Sepedi, nso; Anagrams . For further reference also see the The enumerative concord refers to the use of numbers in relation to nouns. Lesotho Sesotho (LSe) noun class list - this page Neutral-ahala-leh: utlwa: utlwahala: be audible: Verb expresses noun in tansformative manner. Bantu languages are often said to have sentences which are "centred around the noun" due to the striking nature of the noun concordance system. Strictly speaking the final vowel -a in verb stems is a suffix, as it is often regularly replaced by other vowels in the derivation and inflexion of verbs and nouns. Sepedi, n. (2020). In the Bantu languages, verbs often form the centre of a complex web of regular derivational patterns, and words/roots … Further reading . Examples: motho ya mong (one person) katse e le nngwe (one cat) batho ba bararo (three people) dintja tse hlano (five dogs) koloi ya pele (first car) Translate these nouns into Sepedi. HOME PAGE OF SEPEDI. In Sesotho, like many other African language s, the nouns are divided into various noun classes. 1. In Sesotho, pronouns, verbs, copulatives, adjectives, relatives, enumeratives, and possessives all need to agree with the noun associated with them. Aspects of the grammar of Sepedi such as an introduction to the word categories; an introduction to the structure, meaning and use of the noun, the adjective, the relative, the possessive; the verb; writing and spelling rules; dictionaries and Most suffixes, except the noun locative suffix and verb inflexional suffixes, are derivational and create new stems. Noun Functions as Noun of Direct Address. Also called "Northern Sotho" Web. When mother-tongue intuition fails Just as in English, the days are nouns in Sepedi. It is one of the official languages of South Africa. n. 2. It examines the various class prefixes, nominal stems/roots and nominal suffixes which form nouns. This immediately implies that they belong to a certain gender, i.e. Intensive-isisa: utlwa: utlwisisa: understand Sesotho verbs are words in the language that signify the action or state of a substantive, and are brought into agreement with it using the subjectival concord. [xɑ'it͡sʼedi] kgaitsedi ('opposite-sex sibling') → … "to have command of an army" Command (noun) power of control, direction or disposal; mastery. Created by ... Nouns Learn these words 19 words 0 ignored Ready to learn Ready to review Ignore words. adj. Showing page 1. Unfortunately you are using a browser that is either outdated or not supported.

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