Come on. Homer buys Bart a talking Krusty doll at 'House of Evil' (your one-stop Evil gift shop) which also sells frozen yogurt called "frogurt". "Treehouse of Horror III" has the family throwing a Halloween party for the neighborhood kids, with scary stories once more being exchanged. They described the episode as "Another seasonal treat. The Simpsons: Season: 4 - Episode: 5 [incomplete & unfixed/messed] Good evening. ^ a b Wolodarsky, Wallace (2004). They take place outside the show's normal continuity and completely abandon … The segment is followed up by "King Homer," a hilarious Homer-filled parody of King Kong . [4], The tombstones that appeared at the start of and during the episode were abandoned in later episodes because it was becoming increasingly difficult to think of ideas. [2], Homer appears in front of a curtain and warns viewers that the following episode is scary. Grampa comes into the room and dismisses Homer's story, saying that he's coughed up scarier things. Upon arriving at the island, Burns betrays Marge and uses her as bait to attract the giant ape. Unfortunately, a gluttonous Homer ruins the game for everyone by eating everything. Several zombies break into the house. Meanwhile, the Simpson family has barricaded all the doors and windows except for the front door, which Homer completely forgot to do because he was watching TV. Ms. Krabappel informs him that the book is unacceptable as one for the report and he'll have to start again from scratch. Welcome to The Collected Treehouse of Horror III, featuring The Simpsons Annual Treehouse of Horrors III, VI, IX, XII, XV, and XVIII. With the ape in his custody, Mr. Burns returns to America and presents King Homer to the press on Broadway. [6], The title "Dial "Z" for Zombies" is a play on the title of the 1954 Hitchcock film Dial M for Murder. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. More information can be found here [external IMDb link] Direct video download links: Quicktime MP4, Webm and Ogg Vorbis. In the end, King Homer and Marge get married.[1][2]. Bloodcurdling Carlos Baeza. Math in movies example: Simpsons treehouse of horror VI . October 29, 1992 line, created by Mike Reiss, is, in the opinions of the writers, one of the all-time classic lines from the series. [8], "The 25 Best Simpsons "Treehouse Of Horror" Stories", "The 50 Greatest Simpsons Movie References", "Top 10 Segments from The Simpsons' Treehouse of Horror", "Treehouse of Horror III episode capsule", So It's Come to This: A Simpsons Clip Show,, Short description is different from Wikidata, Television episode articles with short description for single episodes, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. However, the scene finishes happily as Krusty gives Stacy a smooch on the cheek—until her head falls off. [11] "Clown Without Pity" was also rated sixth. Directed By He flips the switch to "Good" and the Krusty doll becomes friends with Homer, although it is quickly put to work as Homer's slave. The zombies terrorize Springfield, turning many people into zombies. Dial Z for Zombies is particularly impressive ('Die, you freak!' ", a catchphrase said by Perry White of the Superman comic book series. QAQ Hope this week we could solve it again soon too~ And a friendly reminder, this week has events related to Dead By Daylight, so don't miss it! The Halloween costumes include Homer wearing a toga as Julius Caesar (the toga is caught on the stairs and is totally ripped off, exposing his white underpants), Marge as an ancient Egyptian (most likely Cleopatra), Bart as Alex DeLarge from A Clockwork Orange, Lisa as the Statue of Liberty, Milhouse as Radioactive Man, Martin as Calliope, Nelson as a pirate, Janey as a princess, Wendell as an astronaut, Lewis as Frankenstein's Monster, Richard as Scratchy and Ned Flanders as a headless zombie. Treehouse of Horror III S4 E6 29 Oct 1992. Grampa dismisses Bart's claim, but remarks that he has seen a lot of movies and the scene transitions into a black and white segment parodying King Kong, Marge joins Mr. Burns and Smithers on an expedition to "Ape Island" to find the legendary "King Homer". Treehouse of Horror III is the fifth episode of Season 4. Couch Gag The family's skeletons walk in and sit on the couch. Unfortunately, Homer forgets to get a present and rushes out to buy a gift for his birthday. ^ a b c Groening, Matt (2004). While their parents distract the horde, Bart and Lisa successfully make it to the occult section of the Springfield Elementary library. P3 The Simpsons season 4 DVD commentary for the episode "Treehouse of Horror III" (DVD). Grampa exclaims that the doll is evil, but admits that he is just trying to get attention. The photographers' camera flashes enrage King Homer, who breaks free from his restraints. It originally aired on the Fox network in the United States on October 29, 1992. It was the highest-rated show on the Fox network that week, beating In Living Color. Shortly thereafter, the Simpsons arrive at Springfield Elementary and burst through the doors until Homer wields a shotgun to kill the famous zombies including George Washington, Albert Einstein, and William Shakespeare. 【Quest Link】 Treehouse of Horror III … Season 4: Disutradarai oleh: Carlos Baeza: Ditulis oleh: Al Jean & Mike Reiss (Bagian 1) Jay Kogen & Wallace Wolodarsky (Bagian 2) Sam Simon & Jon Vitti (Bagian 3): Tanggal mula ditayangkan: 29 Oktober 1992 "Treehouse of Horror III" adalah episode kelima dari musim keempat The Simpsons. 17+ During a Halloween party, the Simpsons tell three horrifying tales of the macabre. Homer's silhouette appears next to Alfred Hitchcock's iconic silhouette. He disposes of the suitcase in a "Bottomless Pit" and returns home, not realizing that the doll has managed to follow him. Burns' attempts to sedate the him with a gas bomb but only succeeds in gassing himself by mistake, so Smithers tosses the grenade himself, finally sedating the King Homer. He dismisses this until the doll tries to stab him. The Krusty doll laments to his "girlfriend" Malibu Stacy, with whom he shares Lisa's dollhouse, "Today Homer made me give him a sponge bath!" In a parody of the Twilight Zone episode "Living Doll", as well as the Child’s Play franchise, Bart is celebrating his birthday and has obtained multiple good presents and Grandpa's social security money. However, it turns out just to be Ned Flanders wearing a headless zombie costume. Seems like lately we have a lot of scary/horror things! The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror is an annual special episode of The Simpsons consisting of several parodies of horror movies, TV shows, novels, and other horror elements. Lisa realizes that the school library must have a book that can reverse the spell. Nonetheless, Mr. Burns is determined to capture King Homer and Smithers knocks Homer unconscious with a gas bomb. Full Story Lisa realizes that the school library must have a book that can reverse the spell. P2 Bart's spellbook in "Dial Z For Zombies" is the latter, with the past 28 years impressively destroying nearly all sixteen funny spell name references The Simpsons throws at viewers. An evil Krusty the Clown doll tries to kill Homer; Marge is captured by a giant ape who falls in love with her; Bart inadvertently raises the dead. He abducts Marge and attempts to climb the Empire State Building, but is unable to get past the second story of the building and collapses in exhaustion. This page was last edited on 14 January 2021, at 09:38. [4] The song Homer sings in the bathtub is a variation of the Oscar Meyer song with the letters spelling out his name instead of "O-S-C-A-R". Opening Returning home, Homer is ambushed by the escaped doll, who tackles him into the kitchen and tries to drown him in Santa's Little Helper's dog bowl. Upon returning home, Bart tries to impress Lisa with the book, but she's uninterested as it's the four year anniversary of Snowball I's death. It originally aired on October 29, 1992. Homer tries to sacrifice himself to give the others time to escape, but the zombies leave him when they realize he does not have enough brains for them to eat. Original Airdate [2], When raising the dead from their graves, Bart wears Michael Jackson's record album cover Thriller on his head. Treehouse of Horror 3 is the first episode of the fourth season in my fanon.

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