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You see, back in 2004, when I first came across the first wealth course you’ll soon access, A Happy Pocket Full Of Money, I could not put it down. It was the first time I devoured a nearly 500 page Wealth Consciousness manual in less than 3 days.

But now you don’t even need to worry about reading 500 pages. That’s because once you get into the Wealth Conscious Hub, the entire course is provided in Audio and text formats, so you just push play and we’ll read it for you!

But That's Just the Beginning!

I’ll tell you this; The Happy Pockets Audio and book Course is actually all you need to zap your current Wealth Matrix into one that is abundant in Wealth Consciousness.. One that Transforms You into a magnet of situations that grow your wealth, because you now understand what money really is!

But if you’re anything like me, you simply LOVE this type of long-lost and hidden knowledge. The type of ancient knowledge that makes you feel like you’ve come across something special that was meant for you – that gives you that intimate understanding of why these materials have been hidden from humanity for thousands of years.

Here Are The Life-Changing Courses

That’s over 80 audio files and 17 books and reports, and nearly 20 other bonus videos and courses, that retail for Hundreds of dollars. And ALL are little-known and long hidden Wealth, Life, and Health knowledge that you simply must have! Here’s Just Part of What You’ll Learn Inside:

The SECRET TRUTH About Money – What It Is & What It Isn’t
Finally! The Truth About ‘Time’ & Wealth Creation
Learn How Your Thinking & Speaking Impact Your Wealth Creation
Learn The REAL Cause of All Wealth – And It’s Not What You Think
Learn This Most Powerful Force & Antidote To Failure
Feeling ‘Down’ About Your Financial Condition? This Will Help
The Untold Truth About ‘Want’ & Why You Must Never Want
What Really Is This ‘Consciousness’ And How We Should Relate To It
The REAL Proven Methods To Experiencing REAL Wealth And Abundance Now
The Proven Steps To REAL Wealth & Happiness – The Wait Is Over
Learn How The Images Of Your Mind Will Repel Or Magnetize Wealth, Fast
The TRUTH About Goals – How To Do It RIGHT
The Truth About ACTION – That Which RECEIVES Your Wealth
Cause & Effect Exposed & How To Harness Them For Wealth Creation
How To UNLOCK Your Personal Success Code – You Can Never Fail
Financial Wealth & Prosperity Will FEEL Great – When You Pair Them With This
& Much, MUCH More Inside! 

But this isn’t all about quantity, because although we’re always adding more to Your Wealth Conscious Media Hub, the knowledge you’re about to access is special.

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This is the stuff that has been credited with inspiring countless wealth masters to create masterpieces like ‘The Secret’, MindMovies, and others that are expediting the Human mass-awakening worldwide! 

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