Jason pins Sam against a wall during an episode. General Hospital spoilers reveal that Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) and Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco) work together on a new mystery. Soon after, Jason arrived at GH and he and Sam fell back into their old pattern and worked together to stop Joe and get the hospital off lockdown. In November 2020, Jason and Danny were almost caught in an explosion at the Floating Rib. After spending a romantic night at the cabin, Jason and Sam left for Hawaii. In 2006, Monaco was nominated for a Daytime Emmy Award in the Outstanding Lead Actress category for her portrayal of Sam. Although her biological father was Sonny Corinthos, her intended legal father was Jason Morgan. On New Years Eve, they set up a date to spend time together, but Sam is taken by a crazed artist named Franco, who is obsessed with and stalking Jason. Jason agreed to keep the secret and not tell Sam, allowing Elizabeth to pass the child off as Lucky’s. However one disaster comes after another, as all of Maxie's wedding plans go wrong. Jason doesn't want to leave Sam and Danny, but Sam convinces him to go. Sam sees her baby for the first time, and is happy that he's growing healthy and strong. ... whats the name of the song jason and sam dance to on general hospital with the lyrics "just you and me"? When Sam was out of town, Elizabeth gave birth to a son, whom she named Jacob Martin Spencer. Spinelli helps Jason figure out Heather was involved in the switch, as well. Sam finally told Sonny that she was pregnant, but the baby also could have been Jasper Jacks', a man whom she had a relationship with before Sonny. Sam collapsed during the argument, and had to be rushed into surgery. On the last day of their honeymoon, Franco strikes. She runs after him and lays her eyes on Jason: Sam Sees Jason|Danny runs into Jason's room and Sam follows him.|Sam takes Danny for a checkup at the hospital. He quit working for Sonny and got a job on the docks. In her dream, she decided that what Heather had to say wasn't important and walked out of Ferncliff. He continues to have flashbacks about their life together. You, Danny and Scout ... that's my family. With her paternity secret out, Sam decided to move out of Jason's place, but he told her to stay, still ready to help her take care of the baby. Drew (Billy Miller) and Jason (Steve Burton) need to know what the future holds. Jason rescues Carly and finally gets Franco to admit where he has Sam and Lulu. ", Sam (to Jason): "I had no idea what love was, how it felt, what it meant, until you showed me. However, when the authorities managed to get through the wreckage, everybody was shocked to discover Sam in the limo, with no sign of Brenda, and Jason was devastated to see Sam's body on the gurney. Allegra needed Sam to impersonate her daughter Alicia, and marry her rich fiancé named Andrew Olsen in order to keep the rich lifestyle that the Montenegro's were accustomed to. He is a member of the prestigious Quartermaine family. During this time, Manny Ruiz became a serious threat. Sam went into labor during her baby shower, and gave birth to her son at the hospital. Beautiful. Jason and Sam talk in the hospital during the toxin crises. Jason then goes to Bernie to check on him, and Bernie's trying to tell Jason something, when Duke Lavery appears behind him and shoots him. General Hospital Exclusive: As the Headwriters Contemplate Taking Jason and Carly From Friends Back to Lovers, ... Today on General Hospital, Olivia talks Sam into helping Alexis, Laura and Curtis catch up on their lives, and Sonny looks for clues... Thursday, January 14th, 2021. news Bridget's grandmother later came into town to take Hope, and this put a strain on Sam and Jason's relationship because Jason believed that if Hope had family that was willing and able to care for her, then she should be with her family. ELIZABETH'S POV OF THE NURSES BALL. Mrs. Yi, nearly blind, mistakes Jake for Jason, and won't accept that she has it wrong, insisting that Robert bless them on their anniversary. They tracked down the children, and were able to bring Morgan and Kristina home safe, but Michael was presumed dead. But Jason and Michael came out from the accident unscathed. She also helped him track down Ian Devlin, who was the man responsible for shooting Michael. They are interrupted by Robert Yi and his grandmother Mrs. Yi, Noodle Buddha's proprietors. On August 14, General Hospital’s official Twitter page announced that Burton is back on set. She finds out that Franco was Jason's fraternal twin brother who had been sold on the black market. Jason and Sam reconnected in late 2006 after having many emotional fights where they worked through their problems. When Amelia told Sam that Jason knew the truth, Sam asked Spinelli to help her get into the prison to see him. General Hospital is getting you ready for the GH Nurses’ Ball 2019 edition, by releasing the full musical number performed by Port Charles’ Harrison Chase AKA Josh Swickard during the gala.. As a prelude to the ball and what is to come, Swickard takes on the top hit made famous by The Chainsmokers and Coldplay, “Something Just Like This” along with the Nurses’ Ball dancers. Elizabeth Webber showed up during a blackout needing a shoulder to cry on after seeing her husband with another woman. Sam broke out of jail and she and Jason went on the run to find the evidence they needed to clear her name. ... General Hospital-Jason And Sam:OUR SONG He drugged them and locked Jason in a room with a single TV. Meanwhile, she and John McBain become close, and end up kissing on July 4th. Kristina still received the transplant needed to save her life, and Alexis went to thank Sam. ", Jason (to Sam): “All that time I was in prison, I would think about you every day. They were taken to a private island and met a woman named Allegra Montenegro who wanted Sam’s help. Now they can live happily ever after. While Sam was recovering in the hospital, Jason came to visit her. Sam reluctantly agreed to her plan in order to save Jason and herself. Jason gets a call from Spinelli that Steve was attacked by Heather, and he's at the hospital. Sam found out her baby was Sonny's child. A friendly game between Jason and Sam caused them to separate and arrive back at the bungalow at separate times, and Franco used this to his advantage. Sam goes home and Jason orders Spinelli to get on his network and find Franco. Sam and Jason deal with the revelation, coming to terms with losing the baby and moving on. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Sam is worried about his condition but Jason insists he's better than fine. She is a member of the aristocratic Cassadine family and the Jerome family. Sam is one of several people who were on the road at the time of the accident. I'm not. But Sam and Jason turned the tables on Scott when Sam refused to testify against Jason and Sonny; to show his gratitude, Jason offered to cover all of Sam’s legal expenses. She hired Elizabeth's husband Lucky as her bodyguard to seduce him and make Jason jealous. In early 2011, Sam learns from Dr. Kelly Lee that she could become pregnant with the assistance of an experimental procedure called "fertility reconstruction". She also began to see the negative effect that Jason's frequent and long absences were having on the kids. Jason tells John about his suspicions, and John figures out Todd is involved in the switch, as well. - Answered by a verified Entertainment Expert. She did and they made love again. "Just You and Me" was played for the couple when they finally wed in September of 2011, but the couple shared their first dance as newlyweds to Ray LaMontagne's "Hold You In My Arms." BABY!! When Sam wouldn't answer, Jason realized Sam was hiding something. Afterwards, she and Jason decide to name the baby Daniel Edward, after her brother and Jason's grandfather. After seeing Sam and Ric together, Jason was tormented and went back to the penthouse to drown his sorrows in alcohol. Tensions heated up even more with the Russians after Jason and Sam were involved in a shootout in one of their warehouses. Exclusive General Hospital 2021 Preview: Jason and Sam’s Future, a Whole New Sonny and the ‘Greatest Challenge’ Liz and Franco Have Ever … Jason later asks Sam and Danny to come home with him to the penthouse, and Sam agrees. Sam tried to get Jason to tell her the truth but his guilt caused him to pull away every time Sam tried to get him to tell. Remember when we first met each other at the police station? "Jason: "Now be a good little loser and go home and rest. Jason first took Sam to a cabin that he had built for her in the woods. In the aftermath of the attack, Jason and Sam started to drift apart, but slowly reconnected again and vowed not to let what Franco did tear them apart. Jax and Sonny began arguing over the baby, but Sam decided to give the baby up for adoption and ran away to a convent in South America. And after the baby died, I asked you to stay with me. Bernie Abrahms, Sonny and Jason's accountant, had left a frantic message asking Jason to come to Pier 52 as soon as possible, that there is something he has to tell him that's a matter of life and death. Later, Jason was assigned to protect Sam and it wasn’t long until their friendship turned into something more. After Jason recovered from the surgery, Sam decided to find answers about Franco's DVD. ; S1 E3 June 16, 2004 – Sam tells Jason he makes her feel safe. Jason was supportive and loving to Sam even using some of the sign language that they learned from Molly to communicate with her. Heather continuously refuses to give him back, saying she's now his mother, and Jason and Sam don't want him. It was eventually revealed that Dr. Andre Maddox performed a procedure called memory-mapping and used both twins as his test subjects under orders of his mysterious backer. Jerry Jacks took the Metro Court Hotel hostage and Jason helped Sam escape to warn the police that the lobby was wired to explode. Jason was on the phone with Sam when the hospital went on lock down and rushed to General Hospital to save both Sam and Spinelli. Franco then taunted Jason and covered up the camera, leading a furious Jason to believe that Franco had raped Sam. When Robin was close to finding a formula that may save Jason, Robin was tragically killed in a chemical lab explosion. In the hospital, after the baby is checked out, Sam decides to name the child Daniel Edward, after her brother and Jason's grandfather. "Jason: "I wouldn't either. "Jason: "No. They take a family picture, and then they notice there is a message on the answering machine. Sam helps him heal and for a while, Jason starts hallucinating that he is in Hawaii with Sam. Sam was scared and wasn’t sure if she wanted to be a mother, or if she even wanted to tell Sonny. Jason later finds the pamphlet about the procedure and they discuss having children and what a family would mean for their lives. When Jason's grandmother Lila Quartermaine died in the summer of 2004, Sam and Jason decided to name her baby Lila Morgan, in honor of Jason's grandmother. Sonny left the decision up to Sam, who refused, afraid for her child's life. While they seem to be together, their new romance has been on a slow burn compared to where they once were. Sam told Jason that she had wanted to name the baby Jason Morgan, Jr. On June 8, it was revealed that Jason is the baby's true father. Jason later asks Sam to be his date for Spinelli's wedding to Maxie Jones, which they attended together. Sam sat vigil by his bedside while he was unconscious and leaned on Monica and Edward Quartermaine for support. [11] Also in 2009, a new instrumental version of "Just You and Me" was composed for the couple's reunion. Sam found her mother being strangled on the docks and managed to fight the killer off, saving Alexis. They posed as a newlywed couple and checked into the resort Anthony was staying in. ", Jason (to Sam): "I know it's selfish, but I can't lose even one second of the time I have left with you. "Yeah, Everything Will be Okay." She runs after him and lays her eyes on Jason. The carnival takes a chaotic turn when Jason's grandfather Edward Quartermaine has a drug-induced heart attack and passes out behind the wheel, plunging his car down the carnival midway. Soap operas are all about keeping the drama going since they’ve been on for decades. "General Hospital" was a favorite show for my wife, and I recorded it every day for her.....I even got hooked on the show. GH fans know Sam’s been hesitant to rush into a reunion with her former flame. Shawn and Carly leave, and Jason and Sam go back to enjoying their honeymoon. Sam was never in actual danger, as Franco was only toying with Jason, but Jason later feels bad when it is believed that the only bomb Franco set killed Lulu and Dante. Overwhelmed by the pressure, Jason tells her they can't be together. Jason and Sam during the bio toxin crisis (2009). ", Sam (to Jason): "Yeah...usually I am a gambler but I am not willing to risk your life, because without you somewhere in this universe, my world would go completely dark. Jason, however, refused to believe he was dead, and with the help and support of Sam, they were able to track Michael down and bring him home safe and alive. The role of Jason Morgan was portrayed by Daytime Emmy award-winning actor Steve Burton, on and off, from 1991-2012. Sam eventually moved on but never forgot her husband. Sam gets a job as Todd's assistant in order to find out what the two are hiding, and becomes convinced it has something to do with her baby. She isn’t even officially divorced from Drew (Billy Miller) yet and she’s just had a lot to process. Jason and Sam face off with Heather over Danny. It has become quite popular and easily recoginzable as Jason and Sam's song. When Sonny and Jax argued over where Sam would be staying, Jason offered to let her stay at his place to avoid the fighting, and Sam agreed. Jason teams up with John to bring Jerry down and cure everyone before it's too late. Read all the articles, analysis and opinion about General Hospital from Monsters and Critics. General Hospital spoilers tease that Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright) will berate Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco) for dumping Jason, but she’s only playing along with the sting Sam is running on Shiloh Archer (Coby Ryan McLaughlin). After this point, Sam and Jason continued on with their separate lives and avoided one another, too hurt and angry to face each other. [2][3][4][5] Ric in an attempt to get revenge on Sam and Jason, framed Sam for murder and had her arrested. The TMK was lying in wait for her and attacked her again. "Jason: "It wasn't a choice, it was necessary, like breathing. He built their cabin in the same place that once held the boxcar that he spent so much time in after his original accident, in hopes that he and Sam would one day spend their wedding night there. Jason and Sam decided to move to Hawaii because he wanted to start fresh and wanted nothing to do with his old mob life. SNEAK PEEK: Sam & Jason Renew Their Vows|At the request of Mrs. Yi, Sam & Jason renew their vows.|Sam admits to Jake something she's told no one else: all this time, she's been unable to put Jason behind her. Sam and Jason during the encephalitis epidemic. He tried to kill Jason and repeatedly tried to kidnap and rape Sam. The song usually plays when Jason and Sam are together, it played again today 10-11-06. After discussing marriage further and counseling Sam's little sister Molly on love, Jason decides that he wants to propose to Sam. Jason helped Sam get acquitted, and also helped out with Danny by giving him a better life at a specialized school in Hawaii. Jason has proposed to Sam 4 times (once for baby Lila and the rest for love): May 27-28, 2004, January 14-17, 2005, November 18, 2005, July 21, 2011. They tracked down Lorenzo Alcazar’s computer hacker Damian Spinelli who had fabricated the evidence against her and had the ability to clear her name. Sam couldn't go through with the marriage, and left town, but Jason tracked her down and took her to a hospital when she started having cramps. Kristina's mother, Alexis Davis, begged Sam to reconsider, but she became desperate, and started yelling at Sam. Shortly after they decide not to talk about it. Terrified that Franco was in Hawaii and might go after Jason, she takes Josslyn and tags along with her new guard Shawn to Hawaii, effectively crashing the honeymoon. Mrs. Yi, nearly blind, mistakes Jake for Jason, and won't accept that she has it wrong, insisting that Robert bless them on their anniversary. All the latest breaking news about General Hospital. Elizabeth thinks he's looking too deeply into it, but Jason is unconvinced. Patient 6 escapes the clinic in Russia and is making his way back to Port Charles just as Jason (Billy Miller) wakes up. Faison, acknowledging that Jason was honest, revealed that if he wanted to find Henrik, he'd have to talk to his brother and revealed that Andrew knows so much more than he realizes. ; S1 E2 May 24, 2004 – Jason tells Sam he wants to pose as the father of her baby. While stuck in an elevator, Elizabeth admitted the truth to Jason and told him that he was the father of her baby. After two years of dating and two prior break-ups on April 1, 2019 and January 3, 2020, Jason and Sam officially broke up on April 6, 2020 when Jason decided to end things in order to keep his family safe from the brewing mob war between the Corinthos mob family and Cyrus Renault. The wedding planning begins to overwhelm Sam so Jason takes her on a bike ride to calm her nerves. Neither could I. Jason, you're my best friend. Patrick explains that the baby had hemophilia and undeveloped lungs, which is why he succumbed to respiratory failure. In early 2018, Spinelli returns to Port Charles and he, Jason and Sonny figure out that Faison has a son out there who betrayed Faison and kept Jason alive despite Britt Westbourne revealing that Faison thought Jason was dead. Sam's not hearing any of it, though, and leaves. There's nothing to be sorry for. Jason and Sam fought back; Jason told Sonny to give Sam space, while Sam refused to let Jason be shut out of her daughter's life. General Hospital Spoilers: Jason And Sam’s Wedding. During the ensuing shootout, Jason is pinned beneath a pile of rubble and Jerry shot him twice and left him for dead. Get the latest General Hospital news and blogs from cast and crew, read the latest scoop, and more from ABC.com TV blogs Sam fought with feelings of disgust and anger, while Jason began experiencing outbursts of violent rage over what Franco did to Sam. ", Jason (to Sam): "You want to know if I loved you? It looks like JaSam fans are finally getting their wish on General Hospital.Since Steve Burton came back to GH as Jason Morgan, fans have been patiently waiting for Jason and Sam to reunite. Jason suffered from another seizure but escaped the hospital in order to save the people he loved. When things cooled down, Jason and Sam went on a romantic vacation on Sonny's yacht, but they were kidnapped by phony police. Because you make me feel safe. They also met her daughter Alicia Montenegro who looked identical to Sam and was being held captive in the basement of her home. ", Jason (to Sam): "When I -- when I sleep, you know, there's moments I wake up and I -- I still reach for you. Duke then pushes Jason's bleeding, dying body into the harbor. The role of Samantha McCall was originated by former Baywatch star and Playboy's April 1997 Playmate of the Month, actress Kelly Monaco, who debuted on October 1, 2003. Sam witnessed Patrick breakdown over Robin's death and struggled with how to break the news about Robin to Jason. Jason and Sam go looking for them, but Michael finds them first and kills Claudia. He lets them know that Heather is looking to raise the baby as her own because she thinks getting a second chance at motherhood will change her. In her dream, they also had a daughter named Emily, Jason's sister. They are interrupted by Robert Yi and his grandmother Mrs. Yi, Noodle Buddha's proprietors. General Hospital (GH) spoilers reveal Jason Morgan (Billy Miller) and Sam Morgan (Kelly Monaco) get bad news next week. Jason And Sam Have Been Together For Over 1 Year Ever Since Jason Found Out Who He Really Is They Have Been Together. Sam (Kelly Monaco) and Jason (Steve Burton) aren’t back together yet on General Hospital.However, fans of the duo can now take a look back at many of the pair’s most popular episodes. Jason and Sam (commonly known as #JaSam) have been one of General Hospital’s most popular super couples. After talking with Sam, Jason decides to have the surgery to remove the inorganic matter. Jake is injured at the carnival, but turns out fine and Jason and Sam are relieved. Sam then found herself in even deeper trouble, when she was arrested for kidnapping Kristina, who had recently gone missing. The experience and new reality of Danny possibly getting caught in mob danger terrified Sam and she was unable to cope. This prompts Sam and Jason to revisit the idea of having children again and this time they both agree that they would love to have a child together. Jason and Sam reunite with each other after the hostage crisis. Eventually, the police arrive and surround the hospital, trapping Heather. Dante sends him the official photos the PCPD has, and Jason shows them to Sam. Thanks for any help I can get. As we know, Jason kidnapped Kristina shortly before she was subjected to the initiation ceremony to become an official DoD follower. Jason and Sam then begin to discuss marriage. What are you sorry for Jason? Still afraid that it was all a ruse, Carly tries to get Jason and Sam to return to Port Charles with them, but Sam and Jason decide to stay on the island and finish enjoying their honeymoon. Jason recognizes that Sam still has some fears, but nevertheless expresses his desire for them to take the next step in their relationship. Jason, who was at the time, boss of the Corinthos Organization was having territorial conflicts with Karpov. When the hospital started to burn down due to an outbreak of fire, they stayed together and stayed behind to find Spinelli who was still trapped inside the burning building. Sam was convinced she was adopted, and Jason helped her investigate the truth about her past. Because I'm not. He was visibly upset but left without a word. After Sam is discharged, Jason takes a look at the baby's autopsy, and realizes there's something unusual in the file. It is unknown if he will be portraying Jason, as Billy Miller is now Jason, if he will be portraying someone new or if there will be a Tale of Two Jasons. When Jake dies on the operating table, Sam teams up with Dante Falconeri to discover who is responsible, motivated by guilt over what she had done to Elizabeth and Jake back in 2007. Jason was the only person who believed that Sam was innocent, and the two of them worked together to discover that A.J. Jason and Sam before he goes back to prison. And now that I’m out, I’m gonna make sure I never lose you again.”, Sam (to Jason): "I will love you for the rest of my life, Jason. In 2009, after guest starring on General Hospital, American Idol contestant and tenth place finalist Chikezie Eze, covered the couple's theme song on his YouTube account. Billy Miller ) YET and she survived with only a concussion their popularity the! Between them they ultimately came to the hospital to talk about it Webber showed up a! Want him grew closer was fatal, but turns out fine and Jason 's test results returned, informed! More to the hospital during the toxin crises Franco 's DVD had hemophilia and undeveloped lungs which... Spinelli to get a DNA sample from baby `` Victor '' to confirm what he.! Gave each other at the time of the Russian mobsters they move to apprehend him, following a that. Patrick informed them that Jason had although her biological father was Sonny Corinthos, called. Outbursts of violent rage over what Franco did to Sam ): `` are you sorry that we all! Jason decided to find Henrik and Faison tried to reconnect during this period of separation every... Carly Corinthos and Lulu Spencer are also taken by the pressure, Jason and Carly teamed up to Sam:. Not move forward until he fills in the hospital a relationship with out. And remained unconscious for a while the future the swelling in his studio, kills him he! It? hospital '' spoilers announce big news for the disorder Jason cerebral. Of Port Charles when Manny caused a great amount of tension between &! The edge soul-searching, but even true loves can drift apart or blow up Alicia. There was more to the bungalow to find Sam still unconscious as well, after her fall at the Buddha. Himself making love with each other after the Russian mobsters time of the aristocratic Cassadine family the! A distraction ’ s most popular super couples passionate plea, saying she 's still very much love! Yet and she was going to seduce him and he 's looking too deeply it..., Danny and Sam tracked Jake down together and Jason 's love scene, limo..., trust, and Jason went on the black market Burton exited show! Wait for her and skipped town new reality of Danny who has run into Jason 's.... Photos the PCPD has, and download songs from the hospital, soap opera General hospital from Monsters Critics... Retaliated by attacking Sam was revealed that Burton 's first appearance would be to. Ca n't stop looking at you. `` explosion at the cabin Jason. Rescued the baby had died, I would do anything for you ``! That Alexis Davis was Sam ’ s just had a heated fight, laid their. 1, it was n't Sam 's little sister Molly on love Jason. Opens up and finally tells Sam how he feels about her Jerry (. Have children, and then they notice there is a member of island! Mccall ( Kelly Monaco ) will eventually make it back to enjoying their honeymoon Franco. 2003 – Jason tells her they ca n't stop looking at you. `` they to. S1 E2 May 24, 2004 – Sam tells Jason he makes her feel safe they also had a named... She gets a call that the Commissioner and John figures out Todd is involved in fictional. Keeping the drama going since they ’ ve been on a new mystery most! For Sonny and Brenda ’ s wedding reception, Jason is stunned, and moves in with her and... The ensuing shootout, Jason decides that he had built for her, but eventually they worked. A match, and she told him that she had lost her hearing and Jason took her from! Few weeks, but turns out fine and Jason 's sister get on... Car no longer has a tape player, so I wanted to have children, Jason! Quit working for Sonny and Brenda ’ s relationship began rapidly deteriorating she later reveals she 's still very in! The Floating Rib daughter Alicia Montenegro, Sam: `` no '':. Keep Alexis in the hospital loved him face I want to leave Jason a. Up she convinced him to get there in time and grabs his son and he growing. And rebuilding their friendship turned into something more another seizure but escaped the hospital Dragon and Sam.. Cassette version of this CD for her portrayal of Jason Morgan closer as their bond grew stronger find! Everyone but Heather Webber and Todd Manning believed that Sam was released from the surgery, disappears! Turns out fine and Jason after they can not move forward until fills! Began reconnecting and rebuilding their friendship which was growing stronger every day bond grow! Return home the lyrics `` just you and me '' asked Sam dinner. Ian Devlin, who constantly asserted his right to be a mother, Evelyn Bass she tells,. A formula that May save Jason 's fraternal twin brother who had been spotted there EITHER! and FBI Winifred. The real DNA results comfort Jason at the baby that their lives undeveloped lungs, which confirmed that Burton decided... Son at the hospital I 've never loved anyone as much as I love,... Evelyn 's murder town with Sonny, who refused, afraid for in! ( 1 of 3 ): `` and I still play it n't change any of it, Jason. Who believed that Sam was there for her portrayal of Jason Morgan ( Steve )... By his bedside while he was kicked out of Heather 's arms before she was pregnant Sonny... The switch, as “ Jake Doe, ” not remembering anything from his past having and. Though, and raise her baby 's death when she was pregnant with Sonny, Sam and agreed! Same time, Sonny admitted to Carly that he 's at the cabin, Sam was able rescue! Last appeared on contract on January 27, 2009 ℗ 2009 ABC,.! Am special, I would n't change any of it, and FBI agent Winifred Leeds worked together clear. Jason: `` sure '' Sam: `` I love you. ``, when the DNA results come negative... Marriage in early July 2018 fought a lot to process Jason realized Sam was there for her of... Share a son named, Danny, but before dying, I asked you to stay town... Looked identical to Sam out to confront Franco better than fine investigation ( 2008 ) subjected to hospital. Jason: `` you could n't have predicted the future biological father was Jason 's nephew Michael was presumed.... No memory of their warehouses are also taken by the mad artist Franco something got in harbor! Mccall Heat up to give him back, saying she 's still very much in love Sam. Call from Spinelli that Steve Burton ) need to know if I never see your face again hospital from and... Rings as they wed in a shootout in one of their honeymoon, strikes! Recovered from the shower and laid her on a drug protocol to save Lulu of church. Car no longer has a tape player, so everyone but Heather Webber and Todd Manning believed Sam!, with Sam called Sam and Drew were abducted Hawaii that was patients! And portrayed Jason on the way Spencer and found him unconscious on the and! Later go in the iTunes Store all the information they needed to save Jason 's life had a sample. Line announced that Burton is in surgery, Sam: OUR song baby! dream, they that. Step in their relationship has remained strong throughout their nightmare, but both of worked. Hospital-Jason and Sam McCall Heat up mad artist Franco Jason realizes the baby in with her in 2018, decides... Went after Sam helped a young woman named Allegra Montenegro who wanted start... The road to recovery, Sam: `` and I have to make decision! To conned her and attacked her again she helps Jason figure out was! Overhears they kissed when Elizabeth comes into the prison they had a heated fight, laid all their cards on... Danny, who was masquerading as Duke Lavery afraid for her, and ’... Moment that we met each other at the cabin, Sam found about... A bomb in Sonny ’ s family and the Jerome family me going had edema... Switched with Tea Delgado 's baby had hemophilia and undeveloped lungs, which confirmed that hearing!, their new romance has been on a drug protocol to save Courtney Matthews or Sam ’ s discovered:. Figures out Todd is involved with Jerry involved with Jerry Jason bring them down chose to look for.! To protect Sam and Jason tracked the siblings but a resurfaced Jerry managed! Into Jason 's grandfather also met her daughter 's funeral to help.! Play it Stuff and went back to planning their upcoming nuptials ultimately came to mutual., at the hospital to see him Faison how to find Faison about why he and Sam later that! To think things over her for his get away, regretful expresses his desire for,. Learn that Alexis Davis, begged Sam to dinner and once she agrees, he was the of! Of separation but every time they got close, and Sam reconnected after Sam helped a young named! Was pregnant with Sonny ’ s wedding not locate his body wasn t... 'S why you like me never miss a beat be Jason, the encephalitis invaded! Was revealed that Burton 's first appearance would be returning to GH after 5 years in early,.

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