Car bumped into garage door because it won't fit. Car running fast. 0 0 1. If the question you’re trying to answer is “What is the best schlond poofa for my pink convertible?” your title should be “The 5 Best Schlond Poofa’s” or something like that. Fun fact, btw, Mattell has apparently trademarked the term Schlond Poofa despite not using it for anything outside this show so far. After the Paris backdrop falls over, a Schlond Poofa can be seen when Stacie ducks. I'll be fooling around a lot on this blog, and probably won't post a lot. It is later revealed that it is a one of a kind Golden Schlond Poofa. Golden schlond poofa spits out fire. mothfeets. The Schlond Poofa is a recurring "character" and acts as a "Where's Waldo? 1 decade ago. Midge frowns at it while Barbie just raises her eyebrows. Following the show's sudden boom in popularity on social media sites, it inexplicably became an extremely popular meme to older fans of the web series. Bayonetta's proportions would make Barbie cringe, and her skin-tight … Katie and the Cat Who Talked, is a chapter in which we see how Katie is helped by Solomon, her cat who talks as she learns her magic art of Spell making and does her homework. tru_fashionista. The schlond poofa is an odd recurring joke that appears in many episodes throughout the season including “Primp My Ride”. And there's the schlond poofa. Staff working on the show, including storyboarders and animators, have reacted positively to its status. these mean boys at my school wouldn't tell me, and it wasn't in the dictionary, so I'm curious! 2,090. Dec 19, 2018 - Explore Grace Paul's board "Barbie life" on Pinterest. He woke her with a kiss - but was it happily […] There were two references to the Schlond Poofa in "Let's Make a Doll" - Raquelle desperately blurts out the words "Schlond Poofa" to try to score a point but fails. - STILL WHY DOES THERESA ONLY HAS THAT OUTFIT AS DOLLS - yaaas dress changes - barbie fucking gorgeous again - i love renees dress ive always wanted something with that top - oh snap its someone from the competition - percy you lil shit - altho the cat lady was too white to be priscilla/patricia - omg old barbie vibe with barbie and chelsea Its first appearance in Season 3 was in "A Smidge of Midge", when it appears in Barbie's revolving kitchen counter. 9 Favourites. schlond_poofa 4 points 5 points 6 points 3 years ago If a lead is strong enough it's easier for me to follow something I've never done before. Over 100 messages were submitted (mostly anonymously), the majority of them including a popular piece of pop culture, for example a book title or a song lyric, with one word changed to "Schlondb huwbd qwgfhcbehjwfbuqhhfqbyfbcnv qb jasmine is the bombinclude "And in that moment, I swear we were Schlond Poofa" and "My Schlond Poofa brings all the Kens to the yard". An eBay seller has the Dreamhouse girls available: I'm loving the action figure style … A drawing of a Schlond Poofa is shown on the physicist's diagrams for trying to figure out how to clear Barbie's schedule for one day. I’m happy for him. Visit a page 5. Asked by Wiki User. We look into the life of the real Herod. •"Barbie, does this looks like a Schlond Poofa to you?“ There was a golden schlond poofa in primp my ride. ... Ken: That darn golden Schlond Poofa! In August of 2012, Mattel officially filed to trademark the term "Schlond Poofa". A special Platinum Schlond Poofa, which when activated released a bunch of fireworks saying "I ♥ (Barbie symbol)". r/AskReddit: r/AskReddit is the place to ask and answer thought-provoking questions. “You! Yeah, as much as I love the Midge intro, this was the best episode of...possibly ever. Shlong definition is - variant spelling of schlong. #life in the dreamhouse #barbie life in the dreamhouse #schlond poofa. See more ideas about Barbie, Barbie girl, I'm a barbie girl. don't sell yourself short. You did this!” Ken turned his face to stare at Ryan, pure anger radiating from his eyes. Post May 16, 2013 #166 2013-05-16T00:06. It appears on Barbie's revolving counter when Midge flips through it, and she looks at it in confusion before it is flipped away. Prior to season 2 commencing, fans began to speculate whether or not the Schlond Poofa would return given its popularity. It has been referenced in many episodes since then. It first appeared as a repeated throwaway gag in Licensed to Drive, however after the webseries gained popularity outside its target audience the Schlond Poofa was inserted into newer episodes as a shoutout to older fans. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Ken [in car]: What does this button do? A Schlond Poofa is shown in the hands of one of Chelsea's bears in her bedroom. Another gag has Barbie commenting that a professional of some kind is needed, including a vet or a pilot. "Fight fight fight!" Apr 24, 2016 - Explore Vivienne's board "..gif", followed by 176 people on Pinterest. And I died. “What the…” Ryan recoiled as Ken burst into tears, wrapping his arms around his body. Jul 1, 2013 - Fathers Day 1st September 2013 Australia With Fathers Day fast approaching, we’ve put together a few ideas to help you find the perfect gift for Dad. 2020-02-18 1:44:25 PM : The very definition of the pants-shiattingly afraid of the world open carry fanatic. Huh! Jan 18, 2015 - Disney is, doubtless, a driving force of many childhoods around the world. "-esque gag in a number of episodes. Raquelle deliberately blurts out "Schlond Poofa" when trying to guess an answer to a question. It's where your interests connect you with your people. It was one of the items Stacie threw from her camping bag while looking for the schnoggin wrench in "Oh How Campy, Too", however it was only on screen for a few frames. Learn more.. "It's probably not me." I prefer Skipper over Barbie, but whatevs, totes hand me the schlond poofa. 3.6K Watchers 97.9K Page Views 1.4K Deviations. More than 250,000 words that aren't in our free dictionary The question she was asked is never revealed however given her other answers were "Me" and "Raquelle", some fans speculate that the question may have been "Who is the love of Ken's life?" roasted. "Fight fight fight!" ]]²** In [[WebVideo/YuGiOhTheAbridgedSeries The … •"It’s not being mean, it’s building character!“ - Be the fancy British voiceover lady! mattel. The official Barbie Tumblr made a post following "Oh How Campy, Too", referencing the fact that there was a hidden Schlond Poofa in the episode. im getting a turtle WHY TODAY OF ALL DAYS the council will decide your fate yeeeeeeeeeet sexy wiggle half Send Note. Team Midge! All I’m saying is that if they sold a Ken doll and included a schlond poofa I would buy it without a doubt. Apr 20, 2019 - Explore Sierra Russell's board "Barbie funny" on Pinterest. Yeah, as much as I love the Midge intro, this was the best episode of...possibly ever. See more ideas about barbie funny, barbie, memes. I track the tag #schlond poofa, of course. Note: This article refers to all of the Schlond Poofas seen in the show rather than any specific Schlond Poofa due to its various inclusions in episodes - it is unlikely that the Schlond Poofa shown in Licenced to Drive is the same one as the one seen in Reunion Show or A Smidge of Midge. [Ken presses the button and it accelerates the car before getting stuck in the garage entrance] [Schlond Poofa falls off] Ken: That darn golden Schlond Poofa… ladyloveandjustice. It sounds like something you'd hear at the end of a climactic beer pong game. It has been added into 5 episodes since then. One is seen on the cabinet behind Chelsea when she's playing poker. A Schlond Poofa is seen in Taffy's stomach as Barbie and Ken are flying the airplane. Add word 100. What does it mean? what's with this sassy lost child. Also, a Schlond Poofa decoration can be seen behind Ken on the back wall of his garage when he squeals. It’s ⛄️DICKcember ⛄️and you ⚡️know what that means!!! While the Schlond Poofa was absent for the majority of Season 4, it was featured in its most prominent role to date in "Primp My Ride". I grew up as a single child in a little home set in a small urban community. (Please forgive the Barbie reference. means a given with gadgets like this — and is easy to operate, 'Remember, the camera adds four abs': Conan O'Brien mimics Magic Mike XXL's steamy stripper moves as he. The Schlond Poofa reappears in "Reunion Show" after the Paris backdrop falls over, the first time it was deliberately added to a scene following its sudden boom in popularity. Posts; I'm not Jack goshdarnit; Submit a post; Archive; claritharklow. “What did I… They fall out but as the cat gossips about her but with the help of Isis Katie an the Cat are re united. BARBIE LIFE IN THE DREAMHOUSE: Ever wondered what a Schlond Poofa is? 207 notes. In August of 2012, Mattel officially filed to trademark the term "Schlond Poofa" among its listed goods and services include toys, clothing, printed matter and housewares, although it has yet to appear in any way shape or form outside of the show. I'm gonna send a quick pic to Ryan so he can steal the design for my store! Pronounce word 150. "It's probably not me." Following the show's sudden boom in popularity on social media sites, it inexplicably became an extremely popular meme to older fans of the web series. Herod ruled Judea (which included Jerusalem and Bethlehem), for 37 years until his death in 4BC. --Raquelle took a pic of herself-- Raquelle: I just took this for a laugh! The Schlond Poofa is a recurring "character" and acts as a "Where's Waldo? Died again. Some of the questions you uncover may be ones you don’t want to answer. d_r_siva. 2,090. tru_fashionista. Love words? Ken can never get them to work properly. Relevance. Love words? Ken has accepted that his true destiny and ultimate desire in life is to be a trophy boyfriend and he’s content with that. Her name was Brynhilde. One of the Schlond Poofa's most prominent roles to date.

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