-Hammer (ball pein works great!) Video?? and degree wheel indicate TDC at exactly the same time. Sent them many emails and got automated reply's but nothing from them. If you don't have a slip roller, don't be too worried because there IS another way! If you did everything right, the stop will positively stop the Divide the total degrees by 2. $24.99 $ 24. That will give you around a 2 degree difference. 1. that you are working with will determine the length of the pointer. most importantly for turning a sprocket and chain and ultimately a kart's Then you won't be banging your head with frustration at not being able to find a truly quiet silencer that doesn't restrict the flow (and reduce the power). sfcpiet Administrator. Keep on adding pieces until you are done! They would be the ones who could tell you for sure if it can do that or not! but the stop is ok if you are just trying to set up a degree wheel. Was: Previous Price C $25.75. via the connecting rod, crankshaft position can be accurately described by Not the best setup for this situation. It can be done, but some machines make life a lot easier! at that point. You need the same number of marks on the short end, so the marks are going to be a lot closer together. If at all possible, weld DOWNHILL. Check or set ignition and/or cam timing. Hey, I recently was buying parts for my bike and saw on clearance a pro motion timing degree wheel. Seems to me that all the suitable RPM and peak power ranges result in 2 meter long pipes. It spits out a nice sheet full of information including cone lengths and diameters at each end. are ready to measure engine operating events. TDC is exactly I set my dividers to 7mm and marked that edge every 7mm. Tighten the bracket to the frame. for making a degree wheel from a small plastic 180 degree protractor. Using that info, you can then make the cone printouts using the cone software that came with the program. Lets put it this way- your markings will end up giving you a pie shaped section on the cone- always going down the center line of the cone. 2 Stroke Cylinder Mapping - Part 4. seven inches in diameter but bigger ones are available. The manual also included instructions for using the tool to set the ignition -LOTS of welding rod- I used a 110v wire feed welder Since the degree wheel is now set up, why not make a note of the port timing. But one of the most important things to know is that arc is one of the ways to measure circles. It's the closest thing you'll find to a genuine Grand Prix racing machine on the road, be it two wheels or four. I HAD IT AND IT STOPPED WORKING. With the first pipe I built, it would hit 50 mph in THIRD gear, but the power band was so narrow that as soon as I put it in 4th the bike could barely hold 50 mph. Chalk Theory and Description : In the case of two stroke cycle engines the inlet and exhaust valves are not present . way. I have set the RPM @ max power to 7000 RPM. line up with the legs of the ignition coil. Was: Previous Price C $25.75. One had transfers with only 114 degrees and 45 degree roofs. on Introduction. -Welder (something capable of welding thin metal!) won't be exact yet, but it will make the next steps easier. I don't enjoy math that much, and since this is a one-off project, it was easier to build the pipe, then cut and fit like this. Since a tuned pipe will generally flow more air through it, the jetting in the carb needs to be changed to match. It should be 40 degrees BTDC. See Pictures 4 & 5. Once you have the isolation mounts built, you can start figuring out where to place your pipe hangers. ***Another quick note on 2 strokes- you can change the dynamics and power of a 2 stroke engine a LOT just with simple porting. Included with this article is a full size degree This is the way that was shown in A. Grahm Bell's book... And it's HARD. Drive Belt Off. But the one with 15 degrees had more power at low and mid range rpm. Once you are satisfied with the location and performance of your expansion chamber, make it look good! to deal with. Finding Top Dead Center (TDC) With the help of a few tools, the engine porting can be discovered. At this moment in time I am living in Bulgaria and do the bike rallies,a bit more grunt through the Balkan mountains would be handy, Reply TWO-STROKE PRINCIPLES Although a two-stroke engine has less moving parts than a four-stroke engine, a two-stroke is a complex engine because it relies on gas dynamics. The higher you set the dpi resolution on your printer the better your degree wheel will print out. Since ALL crankshafts revolve 360 degrees It must Install the jet and a NEW spark plug. (pronounced Podge) comes in. One had transfers with only 114 degrees and 45 degree roofs. Description. Now that you have a degree wheel attached to your 1. I don't like making lots of cuts, so i tried to consolidate as much as possible by lining up long cuts with each other. I have bought the software, they put in on an anniversary sale so it's only 18 USD now. $24.99 $ 24. Line the cylinder with aluminum foil as shown in Picture 5. My exhaust pipe should now be 97 cm in total which is still acceptable. A better pointer can be made using a piece of flat steel or aluminum. Valve: The fluid can be operated in one direction only. See Picture 8. Remove You will have to figure out all of this information. piston from reaching TDC at the exact same place every time you try, regardless On this paper I marked 3 deg before and after TDC so that 1/2 way between is actual TDC. Check out this link, it will make a little more sense. If readings are not Mount The crankcase-scavenged engine, employing the area below the piston as a charging pump, is generally credited to Englishman Joseph Day. Eldert . timing on the old Macs. A tuned pipe has a set of cones- Divergent (meaning the cone gets bigger) and Convergent (meaning the cone gets smaller) that are built to cause "echoes" or pressure waves to reflect back, which if done properly can increase the power of the engine. Build a "Tuned" Pipe for a 2-stroke: Two stroke engines fascinate me. is lined up with the degree wheel. Repeat for every bend... If properly adjusted, the piston should stop at the same reading on each side of 0/360 degrees. Dont waste your money. Attach the Degree Wheel to the flywheel, and align it with something on the engine or use a laser like I did. Some cam manufacturers provide the degree points on the dial indicator where important to winning on the race track. May be used on 2 & 4-stroke engines. little confusing, but by taking the time to master the procedure some engine One problem with welding it the way I did, if I wasn't paying close attention I would miss a few pinholes. There are various methods of attaching the wheel. There are two ways to form the metal for cones or cylinders. There are two methods of accomplishing this, the positive stop method and If you are using isolation mounts, be sure to take into consideration that it's a lot thicker so the bracket will need to be out further.Attaching the Brackets Add the number of degrees the readings are from top dead center together. I think with some practice, though, it would work really good. 8 years ago tightened up the degree wheel retaining nut, but it is snug. 1. All of the commercially available models that I know of When attaching a Degree Wheel to an engine with a non-zero piston offset, the knowledge of the difference in the displacements at angles such as 90 degrees BTDC and ATDC can allow the accurate location of Top Dead Centre (TDC). Arc usually used at circular measures. Lol I cant figure it out. 2. 3. connected to a shaft that could turn, an object that we call a crankshaft. Put the cylinder back on the engine. Get it as close as you can! -Squaring Shears There you go! In the mid-1930s, the DKW company set out to make two-strokes respectable. For this attempt, I used a program called Two Stroke Wizard by Build and Click. 2.9 out of 5 stars 3. This is a little harder. The BUZZWANGLE Tool is designed to determine the ignition timing and the control angle of a two-stroke engine in a very simple way. as you can until the piston touches the stop. Staff member. about the pointer is that once the degree wheel is calibrated to top dead on Introduction. Add the two readings together to sfcpiet Administrator. Try to keep the foil as un-wrinkled as possible. that the pointer must line up with on the degree wheel when the piston is ProForm 68786 Heads Off Universal Degree Wheel Kit. you have made your own. Divide this number in half and locate this 50 percent point on the degree wheel. This way, the hottest part of the weld is over top of THICKER metal (because you ended on top of your previous weld) making it less likely you blow holes in it. -Ability to Weld time from the starting point back to that point it has revolved 360 degrees. 2. The rule book explains the procedure well. Both types belong to -Cold Rolled sheet metal- I used 18 gauge Whatever machine you are building this for, its very unlikely that the port comes out of the engine in a way that will allow you a straight shot out to put your pipe on... which means we have to do a bunch more cutting and welding. is still rotated all of the way counter-clockwise. In my case, that was advrider.com. You need a degree wheel, which you can print from here:  http://www.1130cc.com/gallery/files/9/1/Degree360CCW.jpg on Step 3. The other had 120 degrees and 15 degree roofs. To measure when a port opens, turn the crank until Mark the holes if any and be sure to weld them up. -Measuring & Marking tools- marker, scratch awl, steel rule, dividers, etc Do not use a piston stop for the same purpose on a modern kart engine with one fourth of a turn is 90 degrees. wheel cut out that you can glue to an aluminum, or masonite disc. Picture 8 shows how close they should be for welding. Clamp the ends tightly as shown in Picture 2, then tack weld (just a small spot to hold it together) it about every inch as shown in Picture 3. thanks.       You've installed and tightened up your pointer The best way for the cylinder is to use a Slip Roller like the one in Picture 1. Most 2 stroke gas engines have this measurement between 115 and 130 degrees, although some weedies are as low as 110. Throttle Taped / Wired Open On a Briggs engine, check where the magnets Getting things set in an engine Speedway Motors Small Block Fits Chevy Crank Socket for Degree Wheel. The black wheel with large white numbers make it easy to read. I plan to add another long hanger behind the brake lever, as shown in Picture 7. two stroke-cycle or four stroke-cycle variety. - YouTube Manufacturing tolerances make it impractical and You may want to rotate 99. Instead , the slots are cut on the cylinder itself at different elevation and they are called ports. Pasi, give me some exact measurements from the top of the jug to the port opening and I can tell you what the timings are. Hot Cams CIK-001 Camshaft Installation … FREE Shipping. The next year, Chevrolet introduced a full-production long-stroke 3.1 L; 191.3 cu in (3,135 cc) version in the Pontiac 6000 STE AWD, with a 89 mm (3.5 in) bore and 84 mm (3.31 in) stroke compared to the 2.8 which shared the same bore, however with a 76 mm (2.99 in) in stroke. Mounting the pipe can be a little tricky. on a flywheel or sprocket nut will twist the crankshaft out of alignment, They move in a straight The dial indicator indicates class the reader should have learned that when something turns one complete The stake table and grinder can be your friend here- just be sure if you grind anything it IS absolutely necessary. type of fixture to hold a dial indicator over the valve that you are going The problem is that some of that fresh fuel and air also escapes out with the exhaust- which is the whole point of a Tuned pipe- the pressure wave is timed so that it will push most of that fresh fuel and air BACK into the cylinder through the exhaust port while the transfer port is closed but the exhaust port is still opened. need to be rotated. are printed on an aluminum disc and as far as precision tools are concerned Once the degree wheel and pointer are mounted to the cylinder and fasten it down with a cylinder head screw. and guesstimated the initial TDC setting of your degree wheel but you havn't Thanks for your prompt response,sent an email waiting with baited breath for a reply.My bikes are in bits at the minute,l will send you some photos when rebuilt. Motion Pro Engine Timing Degree Wheel Blue For 2-Stroke/4-Stroke Engines in Motors, Parts & Accessories, Motorcycle Parts If everything lines up you Look at the pointer and 1871 Willow Ave. Lake Havasu City, AZ 86403. The results are shown in Picture 3, with RED being the Intake duration, YELLOW the Exhaust duration, and BLUE the transfer port duration. The easy to read display maintains 0.1 degree of crank position accuracy while automatically being able to calculate TDC, Cam Centerline, and Duration. NO CUSTOMER BACKUP. The other had 120 degrees and 15 degree roofs. The way a two stroke motor works causes them to be fairly noisy and a bit inefficient. That will give you around a 2 degree difference. The rotating energy supplied by a crankshaft is very practical for many applications, (It would be ATDC if the The tool measures 360° with a resolution of 0.1 degree. everything in place and tighten up the degree wheel retaining device. This can be fixed by installing a LARGER main jet. If you are measuring a rotary ported engine, rather than piston ported, you will still measure from the instant the port opens until it's fully closed. You have to know a lot of things about your engine- port size and location, port timing, desired application, etc. 1. inserted into the top to the cylinder over the piston and held in place with Then hook up an ohm meter or continuity light by attaching Using the Digital Degree wheel 4 it is possible measure the diagram with 0.1° accuracy. I think there is an easier way- done by cutting out two sheets in the correct shape, welding the edges, and the pumping ultra high pressure water in to "expand" the pipe, but I didn't have the tools at the time to do it like that. It worked great. However, unlike most later two-stroke engines, his had a separate charging cylinder. 8 years ago Examples of Can be used on 2 or 4 stroke engines. For that reason, measuring where engine cycle events occur using inches of It is an essential instrument to know precisely the exhaust port and transfer ports diagram of 2-stroke engines and the degrees of opening and closening of the valves in the 4-stroke engines. Before you can start at all, you have to know your port timing. in a four stroke. 1. 2-Stroke Porting. Carefully hold on Step 7, great work on the sheet roleing and math but you realy should have tig welded it and used a gas perge line inside the pipe with something to plug the ends then have a small hole to let the used argon excape .not bagging you by any means we don't all have acces to a tig I am sure it still worked awsome, good writeup. Time to melt some steel! 6. I have made and collected a variety of small collars, hubs, nuts, washers For example, if the wheel rotated counterclockwise 23 degrees and clockwise for 21 degrees you have a 44 degree arc Split this figure and you have 22 degrees. Remove the engine side cover over the flywheel. -Stake table with appropriate stakes time to get the desired performance characteristics. Finished cylinder, ready to weld! From United States; Motion Pro Aluminum 2 & 4-Stroke Engine Timing Degree Wheel 6.75" OD 08-0092. This is precisely the up. There are three ports are present in the two stroke cycle engine . I will definitely post back with test results when I've had a chance to ride it! You can see my finalized layout in Picture 2 & 3. Cut the pipe straight through. So that may be kind of confusing. Once it's layed out on the metal, it's time to cut! I cannot understand what the point of this wheel is, as all 2 stroke engines have fixed timing so whats the point of checking something that cannot be altered? In my case, at 7mm I had 45 marks on the big end (see Picture 1). Check or set ignition and/or cam timing. Integrated Crank Socket allows for ease of rotating engine assembly and uses interchangeable inserts for … wheel so that it lines up with 35.5 degrees ATDC, assuming that the crankshaft Loosen the degree wheel retaining nut and rotate the degree Holding the piston in this manner and torquing Lots less cutting and welding. You can do one piece at a time and then weld the pieces together, or you can weld up all of the pieces and then weld the pieces together. to the engine the same as you did with the piston stop method. You can now Build a "Tuned" Pipe for a 2-stroke: Two stroke engines fascinate me. attaching it to the crankshaft of the engine that you are working on. BTDC (before top dead center) if you have the wheel mounted to the flywheel Motion Pro Degree Wheel - Engine Timing 2&4 Strokes (08-080092) Specifications: Manufactured from .052 inch thick aluminum with a 6 3/4 inch outside diameter and a 6mm center hole. degree wheel. There are different phases taking place in the crankcase and in the cylinder bore at the same time. But the one with 15 degrees had more power at low and mid range rpm. To attach the bracket to the pipe, tighten the pipe to the cylinder and make sure the pipe sits where you want it to be. Location NRW, Germany. a degree wheel for a fourstroke goes from zero to 90 and then back to zero . The dial indicator method is a whole lot simpler Pretty slick! degree wheel. On the "zappy-zap" welding- if you are still blowing holes in the metal, you can also weld a spot, jump ahead about 1/4" and weld backwards into the already welded spot. Inflate the balloon, causing it to push on the foil and indent the outline of the ports. 5. I did the entire first cone this way, and was not pleased with the results. number of degrees the readings are from top dead center together. Loosen the degree wheel retaining nut and rotate the degree wheel so that it lines up with 35.5 degrees ATDC, assuming that the crankshaft is still rotated all of the way counter-clockwise. You can see in Picture 3 and 4 that I'm bending it too far. rule book. Cut it about six inches long, the length is not critical. degree wheel pdf. According to the books, the best way to build the hangers is to use the same metal used for the pipe, but layer it so that it's twice as thick. rotation is in degrees. TDC is EXACTLY where the needle stops. The loop will allow the pointer to be attached to the engine at 8 years ago everything will work out fine, I hope. Lowell Horning. The Digital Degree Wheel 4 … How to set up the degree wheel. Whew. This is just what worked for me.How to weld thin metal The main consideration Using the Digital Degree wheel 4 … A two-stroke (or two-cycle) engine is a type of internal combustion engine that completes a power cycle with two strokes (up and down movements) of the piston during only one crankshaft revolution. The closing and the opening of the ports will be operated by the movement of the piston itself. The number you come up with is the position It is easier -lots and lots of TIMESupplies: is 32 degrees ATDC (after top dead center). It's safer to guess rich (too big on the main jet) and then move smaller in little steps than it is to go larger in little steps. 39 + 32 = 71 degrees. Lay a nut or similar Turning the crankshaft with the degree wheel can As was brought to my attention by maxpower49, I forgot to mention the domino of putting on a tuned pipe. Location NRW, Germany. 1. Reply should give some interesting readings. It is an essential instrument to know precisely the exhaust port and transfer ports diagram of 2-stroke engines and the degrees of opening and closening of the valves in the 4-stroke … 5.0 out of 5 stars 1. Since the degree wheel is now set up, why not make a note of the port timing. Then I started just zapping it for a second, pausing for a second to let it cool slightly, zapping it for a second again (just long enough to get a nice puddle to form to ensure penetration), then letting it cool, and just repeating the whole way down the joint. One commonly accepted means of describing and measuring Here's an example; Divide that number by two. 1 year ago. It worked for it's intended purpose, measuring an event close to TDC, but Have you tried contacting the software company? C $23.16. 71 / 2 = 35.5 degrees. Did you make this project? can measure. -Safety equipment- safety glasses, ear plugs, gloves, etc. Ideally, a wire feed welder with argon gas shielding should work better for thinner stuff, or if you have access and the skill to use it, a properly set up TIG welder would be the best option. From United States; Motion Pro Aluminum 2 & 4-Stroke Engine Timing Degree Wheel 6.75" OD 08-0092.

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