What Is Your Personal Code And How To Use It

manifestationu-stan-dawejkoWe all want to attract the life of our dreams. Live a life filled with abundance and happiness. But how can we do all of this by using the Law Of Attraction? We hear all this hype about writing goals down, visualizing our dreams and making it all manifest before our eyes.

It all sounds so simple but yet struggle everyday with this. We all seem to be saying positive words, thinking positive thoughts and sending out to the universe exactly what we want to attract. Then the universe some how some way ‘punishes’ us with negative results that we didn’t want?

But How Could All This Happen?

How can this all happen if we are simply following simple direction that we watched on TV or read in books? Why can’t we just snap our fingers and have all this just appear in front of our eyes?

I can tell you first hand I went through huge ups and downs in my life that at the time, made it impossible for me to see myself where I am today. I mean I lost just about everything I had.. from 20 days from losing my home, car getting taken by the bank, my business at the time going under and on top it all, losing my mother. All in the same year!

How was I able to turn my life completely around? What did I do so different than everyone else? How did I attract the life of my dreams? And most of all, how was I able to write books when I could barely spell, and get it out the world? Now here you are reading my personal code story, one that from the feedback I’m getting seems to be shaking up the world.

You Are Meant To Be Here
On This Page, Right Now..

It was no coincidence that you landed on this page. In fact somewhere, some how the universe and this page were in direct alignment with the feelings you put out to the universe.  One of the main reason you landed on my page was either curiosity or just a deep desire to change your life. But ultimately, my sense is that you have a great and deep sensation or urge, or desire to make a change.

You found yourself searching and searching for something that could steer you down the right path that could help direct you down that path of living your dreams.

The reason I know all of this because I have been there. I been down the same path as you. I was searching and searching for more happiness in my life. Spending hours online trying to find that spark that could relight my own life on fire. To get that feeling I had when I was a child. To not have to worry about bills or live in a world filled with negative people that do nothing but put your dreams and desires down.

Once I was able to realize my soul didn’t have a credit report or a bank account I soon found out that my sleepless nights tuned into sleeping like a baby for hours on end. I finally was able to come to the realization that we all live in a world of abundance but end up putting up roadblocks in our own head. We all were lead to believe a certain illusion that caused us to think this way.

You don’t have to live life like this anymore. You CAN live a life of your dreams. You already have the freedom and abundance that you desire. You just have to let go of all this baggage that we all dragged with us from when we were children. We were told a certain amount of words that clogged up our vision that ultimately clogged up our desires that we once had.

We live in a world where illusion takes over our reality and by the time we get out of high school it seems our lives are on auto pilot and stuck in the rat race. And oh man, can this all get so frustrating as to why this all happens. We get so caught up in everyday living that we completely forget about ourselves. We forget about our dreams and soon after, end up just never ever getting ourselves back on track.

What Would You Do If
You Could Do Anything?

Remember when you were a child and when your parents would introduce you to their friends? They always would ask, “hey kid so what do you want to be when you grow up?” Most of us at the time would have no hesitation and give a straight answer, right? “I am going to be a pilot!” And we would say it with so much confidence. Nothing would stop us at this age. We would lead the world by storm.

But as we got older, we went out to the “real world.’ We slowly started to lose site of our dreams. It seemed that as soon as we graduated high school is when it all fell apart. We all went straight to work 40 hours a week or went straight to college where we would either make something of ourselves or just waste years of our lives that we would never get back. I mean I have so many friends who went to college and graduated but can’t find a job because they are either overqualified or the industry they went for is over populated.

Now from this point we feel hopeless and just get stuck in that rut of working, coming home, watching tv, going to bed, then waking up the next morning finding ourselves doing it all over again.

By this point most of us grow up and buy a house, have bills, marriage and having kids. This is where we mentally get burned out exhausted.  As this was all going on we completely lost ourselves in the circle of this fake illusion we are told to live. This is when most people lose sight of what they wanted to be or who they wanted to become.

Discover Your Personal Code
That Dictates Your Entire Life

You see, deep down we all have a personal code that can unleash the power of the Law of Attraction and live the life of our dreams.

I want to help you find that personal code that you once had. You see you had this personal code when you were that child and we seemed to use it so effortlessly all the time when we were younger.

We all work with the same set of tools, one power and your personal code resides within the mind, heart and the soul. By learning to connect all of these points, we all can begin to attract the lives of our dreams.

I completely changed my life by applying my personal code and now I want to help you do the same. After years and years of nonstop studying of the Law Of Attraction, I feel I have found something that most people do not teach. People all the time ask me how I was able to change my life. How was able to overcome so much. But it’s not what I did, it’s what I found along my journey.

But It’s Not What I Did, But
What I FOUND Along My Journey

I found that within positive and negative energies, this code is here to guide us and teach us a great lesson.  Once I was able to understand this, it instantly became clear that the negative energy I was experiencing at the time was really just grooming me for what was to come in my life.

So really all those negative life experiences I was going through were not so negative after all. If it wasn’t for all of these events that took place in my life how would I have known I needed to seek the help I wanted for myself?

Now I am sitting here writing this as you may be doing the same things. You have crossed paths with my work and perhaps you are seeking the same thing I once was searching for, and all of it is in perfect perfect alignment with what you are sending out to the universe.

It is by no mistake we meet the people we meet, read the things we read, see the things we see and hear the things we hear. It’s all is apart of what we are becoming. We all attract where we vibrate. Whatever vibration we are at any given time are all the same experiences that match up with that vibration that we are sending out.

Within the program that I am revealing to the world, you will be able to learn all the same techniques I applied to my life so that you too can apply them and change your life.

I want to help you find your code again. That personal code that you once shared with yourself and others so freely and effortlessly.

Let me show you the true power of thoughts and give you back the dreams you once had. Let my course show you how to harness the Law Of Attraction in a way you’ve never seen or experienced before.

Because without finding your personal code it’s almost pointless to try and apply the Law Of Attraction to your life. Without understanding your own personal code, you just cannot find the meaning of the Law Of Attraction.

The Law Of Attraction is part of all of us and not just one aspect of life. Some people say the words “Law Of Attraction” like it is something that you can pick up and start using. The things is that we all are using this powerful law all the time but most don’t know it.

Not understanding the key components that help you work with the Law Of Attraction have caused a lot of confusion in the lives of many very deserving people. It has caused more bad than good. That is how powerful the Law Of Attraction can be. You might be asking yourself how can the Law Of Attraction cause bad? Think back on all the negative situations you may have had. Think how bad things got when we were in this funk-state of mind.

But, Doesn’t It Seem We Often Attracted
Negative So Much More Effortlessly?

Doesn’t it seem we attracted negative so much easier than we did with the positive? This is the reason why we all have to learn to connect the dots from within. We all have to learn the secrets behind our thoughts. We have to learn the power of the words we use, how our feelings work and best of all how the mind, body and soul all operate together, at the same time.

Let me help guide you through your new journey . Let me reconnect you with your dreams so you can start to manifest your new life as soon as possible.

The one question I get often is how can one attract their ideal partner, attract more money, attract their dream job, attract a new home?

Yea that stuff seems important but what’s most important is in all of this, is YOU!

You matter in this life, all the rest can wait. We can’t live a life filled with abundance and happiness if we don’t love the person we are. We have to learn the true gifts that come from within. All the rest will follow once you are able to ATTRACT yourself out of this situation you might be in at this time. Regardless of what got you in it in the first place.

Some of us seek more motivation and spiritual guidance because we have an ‘inner itch’ that we want to satisfy. We have this burning desire to live life in a more fulfilling way. That is why you landed on this page. You attracted yourself here and now its your turn to take action and see for yourself.

I Want To Introduce You and Be The First
To Welcome You Into ManifestationU..

You have come way too far to run away from all the fears and ‘what ifs.’ I believe you have arrived at a moment where you want to make up your mind and pull the trigger on success. Now is the time to put all the fear behind you and take the action you need to manifest the life of your dreams. You deserve to live a life filled with abundance and happiness – to rediscover YOUR CODE!

You deserve to treat yourself to something that can ultimately change the course of your entire life.

We all can go out and find money to fix our cars, but when it comes time to realign ourselves we tend to put it in the back burner. Why is that?

We should always put ourselves first no matter what. We deserve the best. YOU, you deserve the best. I want you to live a life of joy. The best thing in the world is to wake up to another day of pure life.

Right now you can put all the fears behind along with all the reason why it might not work. You have a choice to make. This is your decision but ultimately this is the part where you can say I am glad that I made the decision to change my life and trust again that maybe the life of my dreams is just on the other side of this letter.

Now is the time because now is all that we have. Not tomorrow, not next week..Now. We all live in the now. Focus on the now where you are at this time, this moment, because that is the one thing we truly have control over. You control your now and you own it and nobody can take that away from you.

The choices you made in your life lead you to this point, it lead you to this page to help guide you in the direction that leads back to Your Code.

Again, please let me welcome you aboard to ManifestationU Today.

You have nothing to lose and a whole lot to gain.

With our 100% money back guarantee you can’t go wrong – You won’t go wrong.

I am so confident that you will love my course, that I will let you try my course for a full 60 days. If you are not satisfied then you can follow the simple steps provided inside get a prompt and courteous refund on your entire investment.

But I can say this..Every person who has joined has left with more knowledge, more wisdom and best of all, have regained their Personal Code, along with the renewed sense of purpose, vision and recharged inner magnet to attract the life of their dreams – their REAL Dreams.

If you made it this far then I know it is meant to be. Now is the time to make the decision that may be the key to unlocking and reconnecting with Your Personal Code and regain your dreams and dearest desires:

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To Your Manifesting Success,


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