Refund & Cancellation Requests

This page is for any refund or membership cancellation requests only. If you would like to request a refund or cancel your membership, please see instructions below. For any other issues or questions, please click here to contact us.

Questions About Your Order, Charges,
Credit Card, Or Other Payment Issues?

For questions about your order, specifically in regards to payment, credit card transactions, charges, or other payment related issues, please click here to speak with our payment processor Click Bank's customer service. You can also call Click Bank at (208) 345-4245 Mon-Fri / 9am – 4:30pm U.S. Central time.

Request A Refund Or Cancel Your Membership

Before requesting a refund may we ask that you give us a chance to keep you as a customer by emailing us first? We will do everything within our power to correct any issues or concern you may be experiencing. More times than not your concern or issue can be resolved and you can continue enjoying and benefiting from the information provided in your Enlightened Manifestors Training Membership.

However, if you are certain that you would like to request a full refund and your regular purchase, or post-trial purchase took place no more than 60 days ago, or even if you are still in your 14-day trial period and simply want to cancel and not be charged, please enter your name and email below for instructions:

Enter your name and email address used for your membership:

Your refund cancellation instructions are provided on the next page.

We value your privacy and would never spam you

Why do I have to enter my name and email? Are you guys just making me jump through hoops to cancel or request a refund?

Absolutely Not. We understand why it may seem this way, but this is actually done for your convenience. The reason is that when you registered your membership you went into a separate member's only emailing sequence. By entering your details above you are removed from that sequence and will stop receiving messages that are meant for active members.

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