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money3Have You Attracted All The Money, Health, Relationships or Success You Thought You'd Have, or Wanted by Now?

So, What's The Real Secret To Releasing Your Limiting Beliefs So Your Life Can Be Flooded With Abundant Waves of Peace, Passion and Prosperity?

Does the Law of Attraction Actually Work?

Now, at last, you will remove the hidden inner blocks that have been working hard - behind the scenes - to prevent you from attracting all of your deepest desires!

Soon, I'll invite you to join ManifestationU today completely RISK FREE. You'll then gain instant access to an exclusive multimedia curriculum that will transform YOU into a manifestation magnet who would have to work really, really hard to avoid success!

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Keep reading to see for yourself how ManifestationU can help you attract MANIFEST ALL of your desires (even when other trainings may have failed you in the past) … and how you can try it today Risk-Free!

From the Desk of Stanley Dawejko Jr:


Dear Friend,

Would you like to have a steady stream of money, ease, spiritual peace, health, relationships or anything else your heart desires flowing into your life? Do you dream of living a life of abundance but, so far, haven't had much luck with the Law of Attraction?

Are you happy when you see others use manifesting to benefit their lives … but, like I used to, feel a heavy sense of disappointment that you're unable to do the same? Would you like to be able to consistently and deliberately manifest YOUR desires?

My name is Stan Dawejko Jr. I'm an author of 2 top-selling books on the Law Of Attraction and founder of 'Law Of Attraction Networks' online community and...

...If you answered yes to the questions above, I personally urge you to continue reading to learn how you too can join hundreds of other Aspiring Deliberate-Manifestors by signing up for ManifestationU Today!

Finally: You'll Get To Discover Your Personal Code That Dictates Your Entire Life..

ManifestationU is a BRAND NEW, 6-month online Training that carefully and methodically infuses you with every aspect of the Law of Attraction and Manifesting.

Why 6 Months?

Although within just your first 4 lessons you will gain enough insight to be the deliberate manifestor you want to be, we've found that it's ongoing and focused training that really makes manifesting a default state of being for you in the long-run.

Throughout history we find that even the most advanced master manifestors were constantly training in their craft until it became second nature.

Manifesting is indeed a skill and the carefully crafted lessons inside ManifestationU are designed to train and rewire your entire being, mind and subconscious the same way, so you can achieve the same mastery!

This Is, To My Knowledge, The Most Thorough
Manifestors Training Available Anywhere..

Perspectives of Human MindYou see, you have a personal code that, when cracked, can unleash the power of the Law of Attraction to deliberately manifest the life of our dreams.

I have made it my mission to help you and countless others find and crack that this code that you once were so in tune with.

There are some Great News!

Both you and I have something in common: we both work with the same set of faculties as every manifestation master throughout history!

By learning to re-awaken these faculties, you will begin to manifest the experiences and situations that result in the life your dreams.

I completely changed my life by applying my personal code and now I want to help you do the same. After years and years of nonstop studying of the Law Of Attraction, I am certain that what I am offering you here today is something that most teachers, gurus and programs simply do not teach - something unique and effective.

It Wasn't What I Did, But What I Found
Along My Journey That Changed Everything

mu-energyAs I found for myself, soon you too will find that within positive and negative energies, your code is here to be your teacher and guide and care for you.

As soon as I realized this it instantly became clear that the negative energy I was experiencing was really just grooming and shaping me.

So really all those challenging life experiences I was going through were not so negative after all. If not for all of these events, how would I have known to seek the path that led me to the life-changing information you'll soon be accessing?

Now I am sitting here writing this as you may be going through several challenges of your own. But what's important is that we have crossed paths and perhaps you are seeking the same thing I once was searching for.. All of it in perfect alignment with what you have consciously, or unconsciously asked of the universe.

After all, don't you agree that whatever vibration we resonate with at any given time is what brings us the experiences that match up with that vibration?

"...I Want To Help You Find Your Code Again"

You're In For A Treat! That's because with the power of the Internet and this life-resetting training that I'll reveal to you shortly, you will be able to internalize all the exact same techniques used by the gurus and masters throughout history to change themselves and the world forever!

I want to help you find and crack your code again. That personal code that you once shared with yourself and others so freely and effortlessly.

Why Is This The Most Important Area of Your Life to Tackle and Master?

Because without finding your personal code it’s almost pointless to try and apply the Law Of Attraction to your life. Without understanding your own personal code, you just simply won't ever be able to implement the Law Of Attraction and Manifest your real self on this planet.

So many throw around the words “Law Of Attraction” like it is something that you can pick up and start using. The things is that we all are using this powerful law all the time but have no real idea how to harness it to manifest on to the canvas of our lives. For You, This Changes Today.

I Want To Be The First To Welcome You Inside ManifestationU..

With the materials available to you in ManifestationU, you'll soon be able to supercharge your natural wealth magnet so you can attract all the money (and more) that you deserve   – but that's only the beginning!

With what you'll discover in ManifestationU you'll also be able to manifest relationships, health, a new car, vacations, a new job – ManifestationU will help you work toward valuable goals that can help enrich your life!

Now, I completely understand if this all sounds a little too good to be true. I'm a skeptic myself so if you've got an eyebrow raised right now, I wouldn't blame you.

But I can make such a bold claim because I know from personal experience it's true.

..and in just a few moments you'll hear from top modern-day Law Of Attraction and manfestation masters who themselves have transformed their lives with the materials in ManifestationU.

(And you'll also see how you can give the program a try completely risk free.)

But first, you might be wondering just what ManifestationU offers. Let me show you.

Join ManifestationU And You'll Discover:

  • A proven step-by-step system for flooding your life with waves of wealth and abundance. (No more guesswork; no more stopping and starting; no more struggling to get anywhere. Simply follow this proven system and marvel as you develop the mindset necessary to channel money, success and spiritual abundance into your life.)

  • How a very specific thought pattern will forever keep true wealth and prosperity just out of your reach. (Also: how to reverse this common and incredibly destructive thought pattern so you can begin enjoying all of the abundance you deserve.)

  • How to unlock your personal code for success. (And why doing so will transform you into a lion and reduce failure to nothing more than a trembling, squeaking mouse.)

  • The surprising reason why most money goals fail to materialize. (If your financial goals have fizzled out in the past, you'll soon see why – and exactly what you must do to reach even the most audacious financial goals in the future.)

  • The secret cause behind the Law of Attraction. (Believe me, it's not what you think – and it could change your life!)

  • The truth about money – what it is, and what it isn't. (This one insight alone could be worth your entire investment in this experience because it will grant you a power over your financial destiny that you never dreamed possible.)

  • Why “want” is the most dangerous 4-letter-word in your vocabulary. (Besides the fact that saying it trains your brain to live in a place of scarcity, there's an even more powerful hidden reason it will keep you trapped in fear and lack. Here's what to say instead.)

  • The secret about money that forces most people to endure fear, lack and poverty their entire lives. (Once this secret is revealed to you, you'll be amazed at how quickly true peace and prosperity enter your life.)

  • The #1 thing you MUST do when health, wealth, prosperity, a new job promotion – or anything else – enters your life. (If you want to be truly happy, then you must pair your new prosperity and abundance with this!)

  • How to finally let go of the hidden fear, stress and negative emotions that prevent you from acquiring your deepest desires. (Imagine: what will your life be like when you can manifest ALL of your desires?)

  • And Much, Much More - We're Just Getting Started!

Here's What Awaits You Inside ManifestationU

Available only through this letter, this new 6-month membership program will guide you through the entire process of inviting an abundance of peace, passion and prosperity into your life.

Inside you'll find:

  • 1

    A Complete Library of eBooks

    A complete library of eBooks designed to quickly put you in control of your financial destiny. If you've struggled through sleepless nights worried about how to pay the rent or provide for your family, the proven concepts you'll discover in this collection of eBooks will offer you well-deserved peace and prosperity.

  • 2

    Powerful Audio Recordings

    Powerful audio recordings that reveal the principles of powerful, effective attraction. Simply by listening to these recordings a new ability to magnetically attract your desires will come to life inside of you.

  • 3

    A Collection Of Exclusive Videos

    A collection of exclusive videos that unveil the secrets of experiencing a life filled with peace, passion and prosperity. As you watch these videos your subconscious mind will absorb proven concepts that will empower you to quickly manifest your deepest dreams and desires.

  • 4

    A Wealth of Wonderful Bonuses!

    PLUS, you'll also gain access to a wealth of wonderful bonuses, including checklists, templates, special reports, and additional videos and eBooks, all designed to race into a more abundant life as quickly as possible.

And so much more!

Let's Take a Closer Look At What
You'll Experience Each Month

  • Month One – A Foundation for Enlightened Manifestation

    Your journey to become an enlightened manifestor begins here. In Month One you’ll be introduced to key concepts and secrets that will form the foundation of all your future successes with this transformative experience. As early as Week One, you’ll gain clarity about your life and goals that will kindle a fire of peace and purpose and scatter the shadows of fear, doubt and lack hovering over you.

  • Month Two – Laws of Manifestation Made Easy

    The Universe is overflowing with an abundance of all the things you will ever need for a happy life – it’s just that most people don’t know how to attract it. In Month Two, you’ll learn powerful, but easy-to-do, techniques for manifesting all of your deepest dreams and desires.

  • Month Three – Manifesting Wealth Means Manifesting It All

    If you’ve been taking action on the materials you’ve been exposed to up to this point, by Month Three you can expect your life to look quite different from the life you were living when you joined ManifestationU just 8 weeks ago.

    You’ll experience more peace and a greater sense of control over your life. It’s very likely that you will be experiencing a noticeable increase in abundance in your life. What makes Month Three so exciting is that it will show you how to take the new wealth and prosperity you’ve already experienced and magnify it tenfold, one hundredfold or even one thousand fold.

  • Month Four – The Manifestors Mindset

    Month Four is dedicated to your Manifestors Mindset. This month, your mind learns to accept and be a part of the process. Here’s where any residual resistance is calmed and released in order to help and teach the mind how to simply allow.

  • Month Five – Winning Ways to Manifesting

    You’ve made it to Month Five and you’re ready to move and expand at a faster pace! This is where you’ll explore who you are and what you really want at a core level. It will provide tools and knowledge to assist you in achieving your unique definition of manifesting which you’ve now defined in the previous months. This month is full of even more ‘A-ha moments’ and realizations that will astound you.

  • Month Six – Bonuses Month! Delegating for Better Manifestation

    Here in Month Six you’ll take everything you’ve learned and experienced so far and leverage its power through amazing delegation systems and techniques. With these strategies at the ready, you’ll be able to attract MORE with less effort.

What Makes ManifestationU Different?
Why Does It Actually Work?



Unlike some programs that may be packaged as an eBook or video, ManifestationU is a multimedia learning experience allowing you to immerse yourself in text, audio and video materials.

Why is this important?

Because by interacting with these materials textually, aurally and visually, both your conscious and your subconscious mind will more rapidly internalize these strategies and concepts, allowing you to benefit from them as quickly as possible.


World-Renowned Experts & Coaches Agree:
This Material Is Simply Amazing!

Bob Doyle

The material in your program has added to my arsenal of knowledge in a huge way … It is by far, some of my very favorite. It has brought me clarity and understanding on several key points. In essence, it has given me “permission” to fully experience what I have known to be true all these years …

Bob Doyle
Star of ‘The Secret’ & Renown Law of Attraction Coach

You have done the wonderful work of a master weaver bringing the invisible elements that works behind manifestation of true prosperity and wealth in our lives. Your material is simply amazing and I RECOMMEND IT TO EVERYONE, including those who have plenty of money but little joy or passion for life.

Founder, Seek 2 Know
Regena English

Thanks to this publication I was able to discover and work on my ingrained negative expectations associated with money. This program is what I urgently recommend anyone. Lives could be made more glorious and exciting with just being exposed to this information.

Regena English
Editor, St.Mary Publishing Company of Houston

I am so grateful to have found your work (^o^). They are simply priceless! Your words are like beacon of light that shine brightly to guide my path. When I was introduced to your work, it felt as though suddenly all my innate knowing had been articulated and translated into words. It was like finding a key to the puzzle of life.

Founder, Prosperity Promises

What Would You Do If You
Could Do Anything?

When you were a child, chances are you played make-believe.

You may have pretended to be a powerful super hero or a princess from a mysterious land or a world-famous actor. Whatever the case, you let your imagination dance and you reveled in an amazing sense of possibility.

Sadly, as we get older that sense of possibility that filled us with such joy as children dims, diminishes and, for many people, dies.

Life goes from being a world of wonder to a world of pain; from a place of endless possibility to one of worry, stress and fear.

But what if it didn't have to be that way?

What if you could recapture that joyful sense of possibility you felt as a child? Even better, what if instead of simply playing make-believe, you could accomplish all of your most cherished dreams and desires?

How do you think that might change your life?

Friend, what you'll discover in ManifestationU can make that possible. You can go from sleepless nights to resting easy because you'll possess the rare ability to attract prosperity and manifest all of your deepest desires.

You'll go from a world of stress and fear to one of endless possibility.

And in a minute you'll see how you can get started Today at an unbelievable bargain:

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Access Enlightened Manifestor for a One-Time Payment of Just $47! - NO Additional Payments. NO Contracts. Cancel Any Time.

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Access Enlightened Manifestor for Just $27 Then 5 More Monthly Payments of Just $27! - NO Contracts. Cancel Any Time. 

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You Can Only Win With Our 100%
Airtight, Money-Back Guarantee


I don't want anything to get in the way of you saying “YES” to yourself right now and taking a big step towards a brighter more abundant future. So here's what I'm going to do.

Take advantage of the the membership offer that works best for you and join ManifestationU today. Jump right into the materials by taking advantage of option 1 for just $97 one-time today, or option 2 for just $27 today and then 5 small payments of just $27 per month. But regardless which you pick, you’ll still have a full 60 Days to request a full refund.

So read the eBooks, listen to the audio recordings and watch the video trainings. Take notes and apply what you learn.

Give yourself a full 60 days to put the materials you'll learn in ManifestationU to the test. I believe you'll be amazed at the way your life transforms.

If This Sounds Like Something That You Can Benefit From,
Let Me Welcome You To ManifestationU Today.
Your Investment Is Secured By Our 100% Money Back Guarantee!

mu-child-dreams1You have nothing to lose and a whole lot to gain. And with our 100% money back guarantee you can’t go wrong - You Won't Go Wrong!

I am so confident that you will love ManifestationU that you get to try it for a full 60 days. If you decide it's not for you, just click 2 buttons in your member's area and your refund gets processed immediately.

But I can say this: Every one of the hundreds of students that have joined ManifestationU report having regained their Personal Code, along with the renewed sense of purpose, vision and recharged inner magnet to Manifest the life of they always knew they wanted, but were always just out of reach.

Join ManifestationU Today - The Time Is Now:

"Yes! - I'm Ready! Please Register Me
ManifestationU Right Now!"

Option 1:

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Option 2:

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Access ManifestationU 6-Month Training
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I understand that my registration today will give me instant access to month one of ManifestationU where I'll start my training immediately and be shown the amazing proven strategies for becoming an intentional and deliberate manifestor used by masters for centuries.

I also understand that I'll gain exclusive access to new material each month for the next six months. And because I'm protected by a generous 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee for my one time payment option, or for EACH monthly payment if I pick the monthly payment option, I can join ManifestationU right now completely RISK FREE!

To Your Manifesting Success,

P.S. – I can't wait to welcome you inside - You'll LOVE Enlightened Manifestors Training!
P.P.S. – Remember, ManifestationU is backed by our 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee!

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